The Oscar Neo 1000 A Complete Raw Food Appliance

The Oscar Neo DA 1000 is not just a Living Juicer but also an all-in-one Raw Food Appliance!
This versatile machine comes with a variety of parts to transform your Juicer into an all-in-one Food Processor.

The Oscar Neo is a Wheat-grass and Leafy Green Juicer!

Want MORE Green Juice? The Oscar Neo will efficiently and easily juice wheat-grass, kale, spinach, celery, aloe leaves and pine needles with minimal to no froth or foam.

Mincer and Organic Baby Food Maker

You can efficiently process and puree ginger, radish, garlic plus fruits and vegetables, allowing you to whip up dips, spreads and tapenades within minutes. Create delicious and nutritious organic baby food in no time, without preservatives or added colours and flavours.

Ice Cream, Frozen Dessert and Sorbet Maker

Satisfy your sweet tooth with 100% natural treats. You choose your favourite flavours and tailor-make desserts to your specific dietary requirements - dairy free, sugar free, gluten free.

Oscar Neo is a Pasta Maker

With easy-to-use nozzles, the Oscar Neo can make pasta, fresh noodles and bread sticks with very little effort and impressive results.

The Oscar Neo DA 1000 is a complete living food Kitchen Appliance!

Oscar Neo DA 1000 Ultem Tough Juicer

  • Most advanced single-gear cold press juicer
  • 3 Step Auger Crushing System
  • NEW "Ultem Tough" parts, with extended warranty of 10 years!
  • NEW Pulp Adjustment Nozzle
  • MORE juice and LESS pulp!


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