Vitality 600i - Vibrating Fitness Machine

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Product Description

Vitality 600i Vibration Platform

Searching for a simple, easy and effective exercise routine, but thought it was not possible? It is with the Vitality 600i Vibration Machine. Perfect for weight loss, flexibility, muscle strength and rehabilitation, the 600i is great for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Key Features of the Vitality 600i Vibration Machine:

  • 20 Speed Settings
  • 3 Pre Set Programs
  • Body Mass Index Calculator
  • Oscillating Vibration Technology
  • Sturdy Handles for extra support – Perfect for the elderly and those recovering from an injury
  • Fat / Body Scan Function – You can monitor progress
  • 2 Year Warranty

The Vitality 600i is the Best Whole Body Vibration Machine

The Vitality 600i utilises Weight Bearing Vibration Therapy, which was originally developed by Russian space scientists for athletes and astronauts. The incredible benefits have led to the development of such machines for home use, like the Vitality 600i. With pre-set programs and settings, people of all fitness levels, body types and ages can use the V600i. From athletes, the elderly or to those in rehabilitation, the Vitality 600i is for anyone and everyone.

Begin to enjoy the Benefits of Vibration Technology today with the Vitality 600i:


Lower Oscillating Speeds – Beneficial for strengthening bones, balance, and circulation, those who are overweight, frail or to assist with rehabilitation.

Medium Oscillating Speeds – Great for increasing stamina, reducing toxicity, increasing circulation and those of an intermediate fitness level.

Higher Oscillating Speeds – Perfect for those who are physically strong, athletes or those who are in sports training.


Using the Vitality 600i as your complete exercise machine

The Vitality 600i only needs to be used for a minimum of 10 minutes (2-3 times a day), to begin to see impressive results! The Vitality 600i can easily be positioned anywhere in the home so you could literally exercise while watching the TV or reading a book – it is that easy!

Almost any exercise from your typical gym workout or yoga class can be performed on the V600i. By using the Vitality 600i, you will take your normal fitness routine to a whole new and exciting level.

There is a vast range of both static and dynamic exercises that can be performed with the 600i, from kneeling, standing, sitting to laying on the platform.


What comes with the Vitality 600i Vibrating Machine:


  • Instructional Exercise DVD
  • Comprehensive User Manual with Exercises
  • Resistance Handles - For an Upper Body Workout

* In the discussion of vibration, we refer to the speed of vibration as a measurement called Hertz (Hz), and the force of the vibration as amplitude. The Hz measurement is applicable to linear platforms only; oscillating platforms are measured by amplitude. Research has found that low amplitude vibrations are best for humans; however, the human response to Hz differs from person to person. The research we have studied suggests that vibrations in the 12 to 60 Hz range have many beneficial effects although above the 40 Hz range is more suitable for serious athletes.


Voltage 220v
Platform Type Oscillating
Max Power 200W
Programs 3 Preset
Speed Range 1 - 20
Max Weight 120kg
Model Number V600i
Warranty 2 Years
Colors Available Silver
Included Accessories Instructional Exercise DVD, Comprehensive User Manual with Exercises, Resistance Handles
Shipping Dimensions L 112cm x H 25cm x D 76cm
Wattage 200w
Certified CE certified
Shipping Weight 49kg
Product Dimensions old L 74cm x H 122cm x D 70cm
Product Weight 45kg

Vibration Technology with Vitality 4 Life

  • Vibration technology was actually developed by Russian scientists to help overcome degeneration of muscle mass of cosmonauts who had spent long periods of time in zero gravity. As decades of research with Astronauts has revealed, Gravity is vitally important for the health of your muscles, bones, cardiovascular and practically every other system of your body.

    Vitality 4 Life's founder, Roger Akins was first introduced to vibration exercise therapy 25 years ago by Dr Ian Reinbott. Dr Reinbott, a leading Australian chiropractor, who imported a set of early machines from Russia and used them with great success in his clinics in Australia.

    These early vibration machines cost over $80 000 and could only be afforded by clinics. What Roger Akins witnessed both in his personal lif ...

    Read More.

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