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  • BionTech Water Ionizer BTM200N

BionTech Water Ionizer BTM200N

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  • This alkaline water ioniser transforms dead tap water into vibrant water

  • Considered to be the most healthful form of water

  • Eliminates reactive oxygen and protects DNA from oxidative damage

  • Attaches easily to your tap

  • Drink water as it should be!


BionTech BTM200N Water Ioniser

Imagine drinking pure mountain stream water at home!

This alkaline water ioniser transforms dead-tap water into vibrant water – similar to that from a pure mountain stream. Alkaline ionic water is considered to be the most healthful form of water for the human body, since is it easily absorbed into the cells, contains beneficial minerals, eliminates reactive oxygen and protects DNA from oxidative damage, which accelerates ageing and contributes to many diseases.

The BTM200N Water Ioniser attaches to the tap to provide a continuous flow of ionised water. The pH automatically adjusts there is an automated self-cleaning function.  This attractive, simple design includes digital display, voice messages and easy one-touch controls and is ideal for home use or in a small business environment.

Biontech has been developing and producing water ionisers for the past 20 years. With a commitment to developing state-of-the-art technology, they possess unrivalled technical expertise in this field.


Core Technology…

The BTM200N Water Ioniser performs 2 functions - it features an ‘advanced technology’ filtration system to remove harmful contaminants and a state-of-the-art ionisation system which separates the water molecules into positive and negative ions. The BTM200N Water Ioniser has an outlet for acid water and one for alkaline water.

Unrivalled technology – water molecule 50Hz

The quality and effectiveness of ion-water depends on the size of the individual water molecules. This "micro clustered" water is better able to infiltrate and hydrate cells and tissues of the body, and has a detoxification effect through reaching areas of toxin build-up that ordinary water cannot reach.  

By using the most advanced technology, BionTech has reduced the numerical value of the cluster to 50Hz.

This technology is unique in that others have not yet achieved the same result.


Reducing power exceeding –500mV

  • The core component of a water ioniser is its electrolyzer.

BionTech have succeeded in achieving a high electrolytic reduction power, also known as oxidation-reduction potential, or ORP. Electrolytic reduction is a measure of the ability to eliminate reactive oxygen – that is, its antioxidant ability. BionTech made it possible for electrolytic reduction to exceed –500mV with their brand new technology using silver-titanium - materials which had always been a dream to achieve.


BTM200N Water Ioniser Patented Technology…

Automatically adjusting to proper pH

  • Variations in the amount of water supplied to each household occur due to regional differences and water source. Therefore, even if users set pH to the same level, actual concentrations may be different. Biontech with its unique patented technology provides a self-diagnosis function which automatically adjusts the pH level irrespective of the change in water flow so that it can produce ion-water in high purity.

pH levels to suit individual needs

  • The BTM200 features several pH settings – 5 alkaline pH levels, 2 acid pH levels and a purified, neutral water setting.

BTM200N Water Ioniser High Tech Filtration…


Patented 12 step purification system

  • The filter provides highly purified water as it has been designed and built with a 12 step purification system.

Specially designed high quality nano-silver filter

  • Nano-silver is a highly effective antimicrobial which is embedded into the active carbon (core material of the filter) to prevent bacteria growth.

Sleek, Sturdy Design…

Patented one-touch controls

  • All of the functions are activated and operated easily by one-touch controls, making the operation of the ioniser extremely user-friendly.

Patented integrated ceramic on-off valve

  • A valve has been integrated within the body of the ioniser that allows users to turn the unit on and off easily. The valve is made from the most advanced ceramic materials which make it very durable.

Patented indicator system 

  • The condition and remaining life of the filter is accurately recorded at all times using a built-in flux sensor which is based on digital circuits. The state of the flux is displayed at all times and a voice supported warning message notifies users when the filter needs to be replaced.

Patented artificial intelligence sensor system

  • In the unlikely event that an ioniser malfunctions when it is in washing or draining modes, both voice recorded and text-based messages are displayed on the LCD screen. They are based on a RISC semiconductor electronic circuit that diagnosis its status automatically. It also features an automatic cut-off system if there is a power surge or in any other situations involved with operation failure in electronic circuits.

Frequently Answered Questions.

How does it work?

The BTM200N Water Ioniser performs a filtration procedure which eliminates a major portion of both organic and inorganic contaminants, including chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, hormones, harmful bacteria and viruses. This leaves the filtered water ready for ionisation.

The filtered water is ionised in a compartment that contains two platinised titanium electrodes. A negatively charged electrode attracts the positively charged ions in the water. This results in the water having a high concentration of negative ions, therefore turning it into alkaline water with its wide-reaching health benefits.

The pH of our blood, saliva and spinal fluid is slightly alkaline, maintaining a pH level close to 7.4. Almost all of us have a diet that is too acidic, so by drinking alkaline water we are assisting our body to maintain its correct pH. Even a slight variation in our body’s optimal pH level will lead to illness, disease, premature ageing and even death. Thus, alkaline ionised water is very beneficial and healthy for us - among many other benefits, increased alkalinity of the water can have an antioxidant effect and assist the body to eliminate toxins.

What types of ionised water does the BTM200 produce?

  • The BTM200N water ioniser has 5 levels of alkaline water and 2 levels of acid water.

Do I need a plumber to install the BTM200N Water Ioniser ?

  • No, the BTM200 is easily installed by connecting to the tap.

How does the self-cleaning function work, does it clean every time it’s used?

  • The self-clean function operates after every 10 litres of ionised water is dispersed.
BTM200N Water Ioniser transforms dead-tap water into vibrant water!

Additional Information

Brands BionTech
Model Number BTM-200N
UPC 9341061000631
Domestic Warranty 3 Years
Shipping Weight 6.8kg
Shipping Dimensions L 44cm x H 37cm x D 20cm