Garden Products

Garden products in the Vitality4Life collection are a selection of tools, composters, hanging baskets, indoor growing solutions and germinating supplies for eco-friendly gardening and a healthy environment. Our mission is to source or develop environmental products that make it easier for you to live a little bit more lightly on the earth.

Returning organic food and garden scraps back to the earth is an important way to reduce landfill and can be done easily with the correct tools. The most common complaints about domestic composting machines is that they smell, attract rodents and do not provide enough aeration to break waste down correctly. The Joraform composter range is the best in the world. The units are highly insulated which excelerates the decompsition process and allows a greater variety of waste to be put into the composter. The work on a dual compartment system, where one side is breaking down while the other side is being filled. The are mounted off the ground to prevent rodents and are finely engineered to make a tight unit which prevents odour.

The Venetial Easy Fill range of hanging or wall baskets is another way to enhance your surroundings or to grow your own supply of herbs, vegetables leafy greens or flowers.

The Vitality4Life Sun Garden is perfect for spaces you may have that may not receive much natural light such as a garage or verandah. The LED lighting system combined with the central wick system which delivers a constant source of irrigation from the water tray makes this a virtually fool proof method of growing your own produce at home, work or school.

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