Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are excellent for adding colour, smell and texture to verandas, walls, pergolas and atriums. Traditionally, hanging baskets are the domain of decorative flowers, however they can also be a space saving solution for a herb garden, strawberry patch, small leafy greens or succulents.

The Vitality4Life Venetian Easy Fill range includes hanging baskets which can also be placed on a pedastal and wall mounted baskets.

The baskets have a unique grate clip design which are removed when planting and then easily secured, making them very 'easy' to 'fill'. The grate also allows for good airflow to improve growth. This system doesn't require liners or moss.

They are environmentally friendly and the perfect addition to any organic garden. The Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets are perfect for both large gardens and nurseries as well as small apartment verandahs. As hanging baskets they take up minimal space and can be hung at various levels. They are also a great way to keep pets and children away from plants as well as de-clutter crowded patios and gardens.

In 5 minutes you can plant out the Easy Fill Baskets to transform you living space. Watch out at your local farmers markets, nurseries or neighbours for good prices on plants.

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