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Greenpower Hippocrates GPT-1305 Plus Twin Gear Juicer

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The Hippocrates Plus Juicer has been discontinued. We recommend the new BioChef Gemini Twin Gear Juicer
✓ Keeps nutrients and enzymes alive for up to 72 hours after juicing
✓ Voted The world’s best twin gear juicer
✓ 30 day money back guarantee
✓ 12 year warranty on motor and parts
✓ Doubles as a living food processor and makes healthy nut butters, ice cream and much more
✓ Improved to juice even pomegranate


Greenpower Hippocrates GPT-1305 Plus Twin Gear Juicer

The Ultimate Superfood Juicer and Living Food Processor!

  • Greenpower Hippocrates Juicer Fruit
  • The Hippocrates Plus GPT-1305 juicer by Greenpower is the new innovative design by Mr. Jong G. Kim; inventor of the Greenpower juicers and the twin gear extraction process
    With this latest model Hippocrates juicer you can expect a smooth pulp free texture and minimal foam on your wheatgrass juice. As a great investment in the health of you and your family, enjoy this juicer and living food processor to make frozen fruit treats, nut butters, living soups, baby foods and much more.
    The Hippocrates juicer...
    - Produces a higher ratio of living enzymes than centrifugal, single gear and masticating juicers
    - The 'Jang' twin gears incorporate magnetic and bio-ceramic technology
    - Has a higher yield than other juicers and a pulp-free juice
    - Produces a 'living juice' which keeps for 72 hours
    - Is a complete 'living food' kitchen!
    - Features a 12 year warranty on motor and parts

Features of the New Model Hippocrates Plus Juicer GPT-1305

More Juice at a Higher Rate of Efficiency

  • Greenpower Hippocrates Juicer Gears
  • Engineering improvements squeezing rate has increased more than 5 to 10% and squeezing time of vegetable juice and fruit juice has reduced up to 40 ~50% without damaging nutrients. The 0.1mm gap between the juicing part of the twin gears results in no direct contact to each other during operation. This ensures no metal to metal contact and therefore no risk of metal shavings in the juice.

Better Wheatgrass Juicing

  • Greenpower Hippocrates Juicer Wheatgrass
  • Specialised wheatgrass parts are included in the multi-purpose kit for juicing larger quantities of wheatgrass. These parts allow you to juice large amounts of wheatgrass without excessive froth. If you are producing small quantities of wheatgrass juice and combining wheatgrass with a little apple, lime and so forth, the general juicer setup is fine for this.

Better Fruit Juicing

  • Greenpower Hippocrates Fruit Juicing Parts
  • Along with several engineering improvements to the motor, gearbox and "Jang" twin gears, the Hippocrates GPT-1305 features the addition of the newly improved multi-purpose kit. The multi-purpose twin gears were previously available as an optional attachment for wheatgrass and pasta.
    The multi-purpose twin gears have received the same performance upgrade as the general juicing "Jang" twin gears and new parts specifically for fruit juicing have been introduced to the set.
    The new juicing parts enable fruits such as grapes, pomegranate, tomato and watermelon to be juiced to exceptionally high standards. You won't believe the taste until you try it, the Hippocrates fruit juicing parts create the most delicious and pupl-free juice of all the cold press juicers on the market!

Versatile Food Processing & Grinding

  • Greenpower Hippocrates Food Processing & Grinding
  • The "Jang" twin gear set is used for general juicing and food processing. The juicer can be assembled to make frozen fruit treats, nut butters, living soups, healthy dips, baby foods, sugar-free treats and much more.
    The "Jang" twin gears combined with the motor and gearbox output are powerful enough to pulverize dried red pepper, grind coffee, peanuts and sesame seeds as well as wheat shoot, barley shoots, ginseng root and pine needles.

Easier to Use & Clean

  • The Hippocrates Plus Juicer is now even easier to operate, disassemble and clean. Engineering advancements have resulted in exceptionally high quality juice whilst noise level remains below 60db. This ultimate living food processor is the perfect addition into any kitchen. The various screens can be applied for vegetable, fruit and herb juicing as well as nutrient-rich convalescent & baby foods, nut butters, whole fruit ice creams, dips, nut & bean milks, pasta and more.

    • Twin Gear Juicer Technology

      Pesticide Free Juicing

      • A growing concern associated with consuming larger amounts of fresh vegetable juice is the real possibility of also consuming larger quanities of pesticide residues and heavy metals. The triturating action of the Greenpower Hippocrates juicer not only separates the juice from the fibre; pesticides & heavy metals remain with the fibre, thereby separating them from the juice.
        Due to the inherent nature of the pesticides and heavy metals to cling to fibre, combined with the deep penetration of the cellulose wall of fruits & vegetables via the trituration extraction method, agricultural pesticides and heavy metals remain within the fibre throughout this triturating and squeezing process.

      Specialised Precision Engineered Twin Gears

      • The GPT-1305 features new improved "Jang" twin gears that extract 5-10% more juice at a 40-50% faster rate; when properly aligned, the two series of magnets contained within the twin gears produce a focused magnetic field in the precise 0.1 mm clearance that sits between them.
        The innovative design of the "Jang" twin gears contain both magnetic and bio-ceramic technologies that together generate positive ions which in turn increases the life and vitality of the juice. At the core of each rotating twin gear, these specially developed extra strong Neodymium magnets contain 4,200 Gauss. As the juice flows through this focused magnetic field, the water molecule clusters within the juice are opened, allowing them to recombine with minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium into new molecular structures. This magnetic process aids in extracting a greater percentage of mineral nutrients from the produce during the juicing process and is instrumental in keeping those minerals in a suspended colloidal form.
        As this water cluster passes through the magnetic field, it is opened up, releasing it's components. It may also be broken up into smaller water clusters, each with a specific magnetic "draw" of its own. Minerals in the juice can now attach onto the water molecule cluster, forming a new mineral enriched molecular structure.
        As opposite poles attract, you can begin to see how more and different minerals now have an opportunity for molecular restructuring into the juice. Bio-activated juice is restructured in hexagonal form by extra strong Neodymium magnets with 4,200 Gauss and bio ceramic powder installed inside of the twin gears, fresh juice cup and fruit plunger.

      • Specialised Multi-Purpose Accessories

        Make Speciality Superfood Juices, Grind Seeds & Beans, Make Pasta and More

        • Hippocrates juicer multi-purpose parts
        • The specially developed multi-purpose parts allow for fruits and wheatgrass to be processed to exceptionally high standards.
          You can make delicious pasta using freshly squeezed vegetable juice. For advanced nutrition, make delicious pulp-free superfood juices suitable for everyone including babies and convalescents.
          Make large quantities of wheatgrass juice without the froth usually present when juicing wheatgrass.
          The new model Hippocrates juicer can do so much more than previous models, its more than just a cold press juicer, its the best of class cold press juicer and living food processor. However the real savings come when you look at the cost of the produce you are putting through your machine and you realise that the Hippocrates Plus is the juicer that will provide more juice with higher nutrient levels than its counterparts and the juice can be stored for up to 72 hours.

        • Remember, buying a juicer is a 20 year decision and the Hippocrates juicer is the best juicer money can buy! With the long warranty and high extraction rate, savings on produce alone will be significantly greater than other juicers on the market
          The next step is simple click on the buy now / add to cart button and you could be enjoying a healthier lifestyle within days.

Additional Information

Brands Greenpower
Model Number GPT1305
UPC Black: 9341061001003
White: 9341061001003
Red: 9341061001003
Extraction Type Twin Gear/Cold Press
Motor Single-Phase Induction
Frequency 50 Hz
Colors Available Black / Red / White
Included Accessories 1 x Juicing Twin Gear Set, 1 x Multi-Purpose Twin Gear Set, 1 x Fruit Screen, 1 x Crush Screen, 1 x Vegetable Screen,1 x Specialist Pasta Screen, 1 x Specialist Wheatgrass Screen, 1 x Specialist Fruit Screen, 1 x Multi-Purpose Outlet, 1 x Pasta Outlet, 1
Domestic Warranty 12 Years on Motor & Parts
Product Weight 6.45 kg
Shipping Weight 10.10 kg
Product Dimensions L 47cm x H 35cm x D 21cm
Shipping Dimensions L 49cm x H 38cm x D 28cm
Wattage 140w
Voltage 220v
Certified CE certified
Compatible Foods Soft & Hard Fruits & Vegetables, Wheatgrass, pomegranates