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Joraform Big Pig Rotational Composter - 270L


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✓ Rotating and heat generating compost bin
✓ Breaks down all food scraps including meat, fish, shellfish, household paper...even pet droppings!
✓ 270L capacity
✓ Suitable for use by 10-12 people
✓ Processes 25-30 litres of waste per week
✓ 2 Year Warranty
✓ Includes High Stand
✓ Please allow up to 3 days for dispatch


Joraform Big Pig Rotational Composter - 270L

A unique & innovative rotating compost bin

  • This sturdy, Swedish designed and built Joraform Composter has been intended as a 'continuous use' compost tumbler and the dual chambers allow you to use and make compost concurrently. It is built from high grade quality materials and uses clever features in order to make composting an effortless task.
    The Joraform Big Pig Composter is insulated to allow temperatures to rise faster in order for more efficient processing of your organic waste. It creates the optimum environment for decomposition, something that standard composters simply can not do.
    The Joraform Big Pig Composter has a capacity of 270L and is recommended for use by a household of 4-6 people, processing between 3 to 5 litres of waste per day!

Dual Chambers for Continuous Use

Continuous cycle ensures use all year round

  • Joraform Composter Internal Chambers
  • The Big Pig is divided into two internal compartments, so one side can be filled while the other matures. Once one compartment is full, the mature compost can be emptied and used, ready for you to start filling that compartment again. This innovative design means that you can use your composter continuously with no waiting between batches.

Combining Aeration & Insulation - Optimum Composting Environment


  • Joraform Composters Internal Illustration
  • The Joraform Big Pig Composter works on a rotating axis. The contents inside the composter are easily mixed, without the need to use a shovel or garden implement to turn the contents over.
    There are also air vents which are located at either end of the unit so that as the composter is rotated air is drawn into the composter adding vital oxygen into the mixture which is essential for microbial activity. This is something which standard composters simply can not do.


  • The internal chambers of the Joraform Big Pig Composter are completely insulated by HDPE, also referred to as high-density polyethylene, that is UV stabilised and resistant to both hot and cold temperature extremes. HDPE is also non toxic so is very safe to use on your garden. This insulation allows temperatures to rise to around 65 °C, which produces the perfect conditions for micro organisms to begin to grow and thrive. Because of this method the processing time is drastically reduced, with compost being fully decomposed and ready to use in as little as 2 weeks.
    These temperatures allow the waste to break down quickly before any of the common composting issues have the chance to arise meaning that you will have a mature and successful compost in no time at all.
    Another key factor to the success of the Joraform Big Pig Composter is the fact that the unit is completely sealed and secure for better control of the environment inside the unit.

Heavy Duty Construction

A composter which is built to last!

  • Joraform Composters Clips
  • The Joraform Big Pig Composter is made from powder coated galvanized steel panels, which are built to last for years and are backed by Vitality 4 Life’s 2 year warranty. The durable steel panels are guaranteed to last through extreme temperatures without the risk of deterioration.
    The steel panels are insulated by 2.16” polyethylene - a stable, non-hazardous plastic.
    All bolts, screws and latches are made from rust-proof stainless steel.

Included High Stand

Easy access & use

  • The Big Pig Composter comes as standard with a galvanized steel High Stand, which means the composter sits 59cm high off the ground.
    One of the big advantages of the high stand is that a standard wheelbarrow will fit underneath so you can easily empty the completed compost into your wheelbarrow for use around your garden without any strain to yourself.
    It also makes rotation of the composter simple and easy as it is sitting at the perfect height so there is no added pressure to your back from bending or over exerting your muscles.
    The added bonus of the High Stand is for those who aren’t able to attach their composter to a wall, for instance on rental properties.

  • Joraform Composter Banner

Additional Information

Brands Joraform
Model Number JK270HS
UPC 9341061005117
Included Accessories High Rotation Stand
Domestic Warranty 2 Years
Product Weight 38 kg
Shipping Weight 39 kg
Product Dimensions L 92cm x H 125cm x W 70cm (Drum: 92cm x 70cm)
Shipping Dimensions L 120cm x W 80cm x H 32cm
Extra Features 270L Volume, 25-30L capacity per week
Optional Extras Joraform Wall Mount.