Soymilk Makers

A soy milk maker is a small kitchen appliance which automatically cooks soy beans and produces a creamy non-dairy beverage. Freshly made soymilk is an excellent way for you and your family to truly benefit from the goodness of soy. If soy really isn't your thing, they also make milks from from nuts, almonds, oats, grains or other legumes.

The best soymilk makers are the ones which have digital LED displays and automatic timers that have pre-soak options for nuts. Soymilk makers with these functions allow you to simply set and forget while the machine does the work. Another great feature of soy milk makers is the stainless steel double blades which are designed to provide a rich and smooth consistency with your soy or nut milks, ensuring consistently tasty results every time.

Aside from being a very cost effective way of making fresh 'cow milk' alternatives in your home, you also know exactly what is in the milk. Check out the cartons in the supermarket and you will see the long list on added ingredients in store bought milks.

These appliance can also be used to make soups, tea, baby food and healthy porridge. The SoyLove Premier 801 comes with a tofu making kit.

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