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Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Basket - Set of 5

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  • Unique grates keep wind out and moisture in

  • Clip in design means no tearing, breaking or damaging of the plant

  • Extremely durable and long lasting - a life expectancy of 10 years

  • No liner required - no rotting, mess, moss or root disturbance

  • Plant up to 18 plants at any one time


Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Basket - Set of 5

Hanging Basket Strawberry

The Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets are designed to be the easiest hanging basket in the world to grow and maintain. Plantopia Hanging BasketsPlanting is Easy Just pop the panels out, fill compost up to the bottom of the holes, plant all the sides, and pop panels back in around the neck of the plants. Finally, plant the top and hang!

Unlike any other hanging basket on the market, the Venetian Easy Fill Baskets feature a unique clip-in grate system which means your hanging baskets will not only flourish more beautifully, you can also have wider variety of plants in each basket.

This set of 5 hanging baskets will allow you to get create and experiment with different flowers, plants and herb combinations to create beautiful "hanging gardens". Hanging gardens open up a whole new type of gardening, where you can create unique mini-gardens full of complimentary flower and herb varieties.

Plantopia Flower Pots are fantastic DIY Hanging Baskets that allow for planting on the top and the sides of your favorite flower or vegetable plants.  Easy, fuss-free planting makes changing your plantings easier than ever. Create professional results with ease.

The Easy Fill Hanging Baskets are 35cm in diametre, meaning you can plant up to 18 plants at any given time with enough space and room for them to flourish. Unlike conventional hanging baskets, the Easy Fill Hanging Baskets require no liner or moss meaning no mess or tricky planting.

Hanging Basket Planting

Unique Clip-In Grate Design

The most unique thing about the Easy Fill Hanging Baskets is that they are made up of a series of clip-in grates which lock securely into place. The clip and lock grate system is beneficial for a number of reasons:

Makes them super simple to plant out - The grates make the Easy Fill Baskets so easy to plant out, the holes are already in place so all you need to do is decide what you want to plant and place them in, lock in and go!

Allows the plants to breathe - Plants have access to sunlight, water and oxygen. Your plants and flowers will flourish as they are given access to all the elements needed to survive! This means they wont become water logged and rotten.

Keeps moisture in and wind out - As the grate clicks into place, it secures the plant and potting mix into place and means the plant is locked in without risk of the elements such as wind disturbing the roots.

Doesn't harm the plant - No tearing, breaking or damaging of the plant during the planting, no need to push the plant through a tiny hole and harm the roots or leaves. Simply un-clip the grate, place the plant into the hole, and clip the grate back over into place - so easy!

No liner required - The unique clip-in grate system also means that no liner is required. Liners can be messy, annoying and time consuming, they can also cause root disturbance and damage to the plant as you have to squeeze them through a small hole in the lining. With the Venetian Hanging Baskets, you can simply start planting without the need for a liner at all.

Hanging Basket DisplayExtremely Durable & Built to Last up to 10 Years!

The Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets have a life expectancy of up to 10 years as they are made from high quality, heavy duty, injection molded plastic with no creases or seams to crack or split. Most plastic hanging baskets have seams in the plastic which can cause them to split and crack very easily.

The plastic design also means they are very lightweight, weighing only 300 grams each! Terracotta hanging baskets and posts can be extremely heavy, and finding somewhere strong enough to hang them can be a challenge!

As they are made from plastic there is also no chance of rusting, even the chain and hook are rust-proof.

The Easy Fill Hanging Baskets are designed to withstand wind, water, rain and plenty of sunshine for many, many years!


Create a Unique Hanging Garden

The idea behind the hanging basket is that you can get as creative as you want, and plant complete "mini-gardens" within one basket. Make each basket a statement using different plants, flowers and herbs in one display. The Venetian Hanging Baskets have enough room for you to plant 18 different plants at any one time, so you can quite literally create an amazingly varied and colourful garden which hangs from the roof, tree or ceiling.

  • Hanging herb garden using a wide variety of different herbs in one basket
  • Mix flowers and herbs for a beautifully natural look
  • Mix flowers and berries like strawberries together for a colourful but under-stated display
  • Succulent & cactus balls
  • Show-stopping floral decorative balls for the conservative gardener

Pop it, plant it, hang it. Vinetian Hanging Baskets are hanging basket. Grow from the sides and top with the unique snap in/out side panels. Create professional arrangements at home. With the Snap In Snap out system create the largest display on the block. Grow flowers, herbs, tomatoes. Create a salsa basket with jalapenos and cilantro on the top and grow tomatoes from the sides or create a caprese salad basket with basil plants on the top with tomatoes out the sides.

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