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  • Venetian Easy Fill Wall Basket - Set of 3

Venetian Easy Fill Wall Basket - Set of 3

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✓ Grate design that allows plants to breath & flourish
✓ No moss or liner required – easy & environmentally friendly
✓ Quick & easy - side planted basket in minutes
✓ 5 removable pockets, take max. 11cm pots
✓ Easy to attach to any solid vertical surface
✓ Life expectancy – up to 10 years!


Venetian Easy Fill Wall Baskets - Set of 3

Create vertical wall gardens like never before!

  • Wall Basket
  • The Venetian Easy-Fill Baskets are specifically designed to be the easiest hanging wall baskets to use and grow, and to last for years and years. Now anyone and everyone can create impressive hanging garden displays or hanging herb gardens!
    You no longer need to struggle with messy moss, rotten plants and sad-looking displays, the Venetian Easy Fill Baskets can be made in a matter of minutes and provide your plants with air, sunlight and oxygen so they thrive!

Simple to Create

Clip-in grates make planting-out fuss free

  • Wall Basket
  • In under 5 minutes you can plant out the Easy Fill Baskets, you do not need to be a professional or even have experience in gardening. In only 4 easy steps you baskets will be ready to spring into life! The Easy Fill Baskets work on a clip-in grate system where plants are basically fed from the inside out, and a grate is then locked into place. The basket is then quickly attached onto the wall with the provided hooks.
    Plants are evenly distributed throughout the pot, there is no damage to the root of the plant and they are set up in a way which will ensure proper growth. There is no need for liners, moss or fibre.

Easy to Maintain

Grate system means plant thrive!

  • The unique grate system ensures plants have access to sunlight, water, oxygen without being overly exposed to the elements - the perfect combination.
    There is also a water reservoir at the base meaning plants are kept hydrated at all times, without being over-watered. Our best tip for watering is to use a water sprayer bottle for more delicate plants.

Highest Quality Wall Baskets

Lasts up to 10 years!

  • The Venetian Easy Fill Wall Baskets have a life expectancy of up to 10 years! And for good reason, they are made from high quality, heavy duty, injection molded plastic with no creases or seams to crack or split. As they are made from plastic there is no rusting, even the chain and hook are rust-proof.
    The Easy Fill Hanging Baskets are designed to withstand wind, water, rain and plenty of sunshine! This could be the last hanging basket you will ever need to buy!

Unique & Creative Garden Displays

Use your imagination...

  • Wall Basket
  • The Venetian Easy Fill Wall Baskets are perfect for both large gardens and nursery's as well as small apartment verandas. As wall baskets they take up minimal space and can be hung at various levels. Perfect for "wall gardens" or vertical garden displays.
    Hanging Herb Garden: The Easy Fill Wall Baskets are perfect for using as a herb garden if you are limited by space or need to keep little hands or animals away from them! Plant basil, oregano, chives, parsley, mint or coriander all in the same basket for an on the wall herb garden. Perfect for those who are limited with space but still want to enjoy fresh food daily.
    Floral Displays: With the Venetian Wall Baskets you can plant up to 9 different plant in one basket meaning a wide variety of different colours and combinations. Annuals and compact evergreen shrubs are best to plant in the baskets as they provide structure and year-round foliage. Combine different types of flowers and leaves for a natural and organic look.
    Combine herbs with flowers and fruits such as strawberries, for a beautifully natural living food garden.
    Suitable flowers include: petunias, begonias, sweet pea, pansies, primula, trailing ivy, tulips and dwarf conifers.

Additional Information

Brands Vitality4Life
Model Number VWB3PK
UPC 9341061009924
Type N/A
Colors Available Black
Domestic Warranty 2 Years
Product Weight 0.6 kg
Shipping Weight 1 kg
Product Dimensions 50cm x 26cm x 21cm
Shipping Dimensions L 52cm x H 27cm x D 29cm
Materials Non-Toxic Polypropylene
Functions N/A
Programs N/A
Dishwasher Safe N/A