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VibroSlim Exercise Mat & Resistance Band Set


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✓ Multi-purpose exercise mat perfect for home use
✓ Use the mat for yoga, pilates, and more
✓ Resistance bands are 100% latex rubber
✓ Lightweight and Portable
✓ Three bands provided, each with different level of resistance
✓ Great way to add variety to any exercise routine
✓ Take your workout intensity to the next level


Great value pack to get the most out of your VibroSlim workout

Ideal accessories for your home fitness program

  • VibroSlim Stretch Resistance Bands - Set of 3
  • This combo back of set of 3 VibroSlim Stretch Resistance Bands and VibroSlim Exercise Yoga Mat are ideal additions to your VibroSlim home exercise program. These versatile accessories are an excellent way to add variety to any workout routine. Target muscle activation and build strength in the lower or upper body, and experiment as you change your routine to incorporate the VibroSlim Exercise Mat and Resistance Bands.

VibroSlim Stretch Resistance Bands

Build strength and increase your flexibility

  • The set of 3 VibroSlim Stretch Resistance Bands come in a variety of 3 resistance strengths for you to choose from, including highly stretchable (blue), medium resistance (pink) to heavy-duty strength (black). Use your Stretch Resistance Bands on the VibroSlim Vibration Machines, as you work to increase muscle tone and strength by providing constant tension on the muscle.
    Stretching and flexibility work helps to maintain a pain free and healthy body. What makes the Stretch Resistance bands so effective is that you can use them on a number of exercises and different styles of stretching. Remember, the more elastic and strong you are, the more ability you’ll have to create speed and power. You will also help to decrease chances of injury as you build strength and improve your reactions and stability.

VibroSlim Exercise Yoga Mat

A multi-purpose soft and durable exercise mat

  • The VibroSlim Exercise Yoga Mat is perfect to protect your hands, feet and back when doing floor based exercises with your VibroSlim Vibration Machine. The Exercise Mat can be placed over the base of the Vibration Machine and layed out onto the floor, so that you can lay on the mat for added comfort against a hard surface, or to support the hands, wrists or knees if completing a push-up or plank style exercise. The VibroSlim Exercise Mat is suitable for yoga, pilates, and more.

Versatile and portable

Easy to take anywhere

  • The combo set of VibroSlim Exercise Mat and Stretch Resistance bands are so lightweight and portable that you can take them anywhere, even on vacation. You can do a complete workout routine wherever you like, even without your VibroSlim Vibration Machine!

Additional Information

Size N/A
Brands VibroSlim
Model Number VSUMBS
UPC 9341061004141
Colors Available Black Mat, Black / Pink / Blue Bands
Included Accessories Bands: Exercise Guide
Product Weight 1.4 kg
Shipping Weight 1.50 kg
Product Dimensions Mat: L 173cm x W 61cm x Thickness 4mm. Bands: L 10cm x W 2cm x Thickness: 0.4mm (blue), 0.6mm (pink), 0.9mm (black)
Shipping Dimensions L 61cm x W 9cm x H 9cm
Materials PVC Mat / Latex Rubber Bands