WalkSlim 470 Walking Treadmill

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✓ LED Screen
✓ Calorie Counter
✓ Brushless DC Motor
✓ Speed Range from 0.8-6 KM/H
✓ Remote Control for easy use
✓ Built-in Scroll Wheel
✓ 3 Year Warranty
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WalkSlim Walking Treadmill

Introducing the NEW WalkSlim walking treadmill from the Original VibroSlim Vibration Machine Co.

  • Do you love to walk to get fit and lose weight? If you like to exercise indoors but could do without the monthly fees and wait times at the gym WalkSlim walking treadmill is the answer. It's your own personal walking equipment and with its slim, small form factor and built in wheels it is easy to use, move and store, perfect for home and the office.


Lose Weight in Private

The perfect machine for all types of weather

  • Rain, rain go away come again another day... oh wait... it doesn’t matter when you have a WalkSlim. It has everything you need with LED displays including a calorie counter and speeds of 0.8 to 6km per hour having your own walking treadmill leaves no excuses, you can work out no matter the weather.
    Lose calories and tone up whilst, watching television, working or chatting on the phone in the privacy of your own home. No need for expensive, fancy work-out gear or gym fees. Save time, money and lose weight by simply walking your way to health and vitality.


Step by Step

Walk your way to a healthier you

  • Walking is a well documented way to improve or maintain your overall health. Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. If you suffer from knee or other pain walking is an perfect way to maintain fitness without causing damage to joints and muscles.
    The WalkSlim walking treadmill carries up to 100kg in weight and is light and easy to move around. Your WalkSlim is right there for you to hop on a few times a day even for 5 minutes. It all adds up. Recently given up the smokes? Use those minutes spent smoking walking instead. Walking is at the top of the list for Diabetes Australia as a way to maintain health.
    Walking is also recommended for managing symptoms of depression so if you are feeling blue walking everyday can help and as a bonus there are no adverse side effects only positive ones. A healthier and happier you.


Space poor in your house or office?

Perfect for small apartments and offices

  • Can’t walk to work? Walk at work instead. Your WalkSlim can be easily pulled out of its storage place for a brisk walk whilst you work helping to keep your mind and body active all day long.
    Perfect for under bed storage or for small apartments and offices, the WalkSlim walking treadmill with its compact, slim, sleek shape and wheels helps small spaces work for you not against you.


Accessories included:

  • - Manual/3 Yr Warranty
    - Remote Control
    - Power Supply
    - Silicon Oil
    - 6mm wrench


Additional Information

Brands WalkSlim
Model Number PB001S
UPC 9341061012689
Type Walking Treadmill
Speed Range 0.8 - 6 km per hour
Colors Available Black
Included Accessories Manual, remote control, power cord, safety key, silicon oil, spanner
Domestic Warranty 3 years
Product Weight 29.5 kg
Shipping Weight 34.5 kg
Product Dimensions L 133cm x W 63.2cm x H 112cm | Track Area L 100cm x W 36cm
Shipping Dimensions L 140cm x W 62cm x H 15.5cm
Wattage 350W
Voltage 110-120V or 220 - 240V
Materials Steel, ABS, Rubber