Zen 'Brighton' Low EMF Infrared Sauna ZIV015 - White


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✓ Low EMF (2-4mGs)
FREE Shipping & FREE returns in NZ!
✓ 5.6-15 micron far infrared heating technology
✓ Functional design that can be built in or free-standing
✓ Built from natural Canadian Hemlock wood
✓ Available in 7 fun colours!
✓ LIFETIME warranty on carbon heaters | 12 months general warranty


  • Zen 'Brighton' Infrared Sauna

Zen 'Brighton' Far Infrared Sauna

A compact, affordable & quality home sauna

  • Start enjoying the benefits of far infrared technology today in the comfort of your own home with the 'Brighton' Saunas from Zen. This affordable range of saunas feature the very latest in carbon heating technology with its superior workmanship and high quality materials.
    The Zen Brighton Saunas use far infrared technology to detoxify the body, relieve stress, promote relaxation and assist with a range of common ailments.


Latest Technology in Carbon Heating Elements

Experience the benefits of far infrared technology today...

  • The Zen Brighton Saunas feature the very latest carbon fibre heating technology, designed to give your body the ultimate detoxification in every session. Three panels of carbon heaters penetrate the skin deeper through higher infrared emissions, which gives greater therapeutic treatment. LIFETIME warranty on carbon heaters.
    The three carbon heaters on the Zen Brighton Saunas make them energy efficient and are estimated to run at around only 25 cents per session!
    Carbon heaters were developed to give the user a more relaxed and comfortable sauna experience as they have a flat surface meaning they distribute heat more evenly and eliminate the “hot or cold spots” of older ceramic models.
    Temperature range of between 0 - 65 °C (Celsius) or 149 °F (Fahrenheit).


Compact Modular Style Design

A compact, single person infrared sauna

  • The Zen ‘Brighton’ Sauna is designed as a both a stand-alone unit and is also modular in that they can be built into existing areas of the home like the bathroom or pool area. At only 90cm wide, the Zen Brighton Saunas are compact, simple and no-nonsense.
    They are the perfect entry-level single person sauna, so now everyone can enjoy the benefits of far infrared technology without the need to invest thousands of dollars or having to re-arrange your home to accommodate!
    The Zen Brighton Saunas come in seven different colours so you can choose a sauna to suit both your home and your personality!
    The Zen Brighton Saunas are perfect for those who want the luxury of a sauna at home but without the need to build it in especially perfect for those with rental properties.


Superior Canadian Hemlock Wood

High quality materials at an affordable price

  • The Zen Brighton Saunas are made from beautiful Canadian hemlock wood, which is both light in colour and has a smooth, even grain. Hemlock is also known for being extremely strong and durable.
    Hemlock is the preferred choice of wood for infrared saunas due to its non-toxic and non-allergenic nature. It is very important that the sauna itself doesn’t contain harmful toxins or finishes when using a sauna for the purposes of detoxification. The hemlock used for the Zen ‘Brighton’ Saunas, is of the highest quality and is built to withstand the continuous heating and cooling cycles.
    The Zen ‘Brighton’ Saunas are recommended for indoor use or in a covered, well sheltered outdoor area.
    Assembly requires two people and is quite straight forward. An electric drill is handy but not essential. Simply plug cord into wall socket - no need for an electrician. In less than an hour, you will be enjoying the benefits of your new infrared sauna.

  • Zen Brighton Far Infrared Sauna

Additional Information

Brands Zen
Model Number ZIV015
UPC 9341061006930
Colors Available Red / Green / Yellow / Blue / Brown / White / Natural
Domestic Warranty LIFETIME warranty on carbon heaters | 12 months general warranty
Product Weight 75 kg
Shipping Weight 82 kg
Product Dimensions W 90cm x D 65cm x H 185cm
Shipping Dimensions L 187cm x W 42cm x H 100cm
Wattage 960w
Voltage 220v
Certified CE Certified
Materials Interior: Canadian Hemlock and Exterior: MDF Surface on Hemlock