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    WalkSlim 490 Treadmill
    $539.00 $899.00
    Arriving late April/Early May
    Save 40%
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    WalkSlim 920 Treadmill
    $1,247.00 $2,495.00
    Save 50%
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    WalkSlim 810 Walking Treadmill
    $1,155.00 $1,925.00
    Save 40%
  4. Rating:
    WalkSlim 830 Treadmill
    $1,708.00 $2,135.00
    Save 20%
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    WalkSlim 610 Walking Treadmill - Running Machine
    $692.00 $1,385.00
    Arriving late April/Early May
    Save 50%
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    Studio Pilates Reformer
    $3,006.00 $4,295.00
    Save 30%
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    VibroSlim Stretch Resistance Bands - Set of 3
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    VibroSlim Exercise Yoga Mat
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Keeping fit and getting the most out of your workout or finding a way back to fitness after an injury or operation is made easier if you have the right equipment. Over the year, Vitality4life have sourced and developed a range of Vibration Machines, Pilates Equipment and Yoga Props which are superior in quality, advanced in designed but affordable for home use.

Our Vibration Machines produce an oscillation or vibration through the platform which, when standing, siting or lying on, elicits a compensatory response in our muscles. This low impact but highly effective form of exercise aids in the production of regenerative and repair hormones, increases basal metabolic rate, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and strengthens bone tissue. Scientific research has shown that Vibration training via whole body vibration provides you with a variety of unique and beneficial effects not possible with other forms of exercise.

Our Pilates Equipment and Yoga Props have been developed in consultation with Yoga practitioners the world over. The foundation of Pilates is 'resistance' which means the glide boards, pulleys, springs need to have a seamless action. These products are for the professional or professional studio environment and we have elected to maintain a wood finish in keeping with the history of Pilates.

Our newly released Foldable Pilates Reformer will give more people the option to continue their Pilates practice in the home environment, even in smaller domestiv spaces.

Please take a look through our range and contact us if you would like any further assistance on ordering or delivery times on our larger items.

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