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    WalkSlim 490 Treadmill
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    WalkSlim 810 Walking Treadmill
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    WalkSlim 830 Treadmill
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    WalkSlim 920 Treadmill
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AbodeFit Logo

The Ultimate in Home Fitness

Introducing AbodeFit Health™, an exclusive range of high quality fitness products for the home, that have been specifically designed for those who want to be fit, active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Offering contemporary innovative designs with the best features and technology, to suit fitness enthusiasts, seniors and those recovering from injury.

Easy to use, versatile and safe - with extensive treadmill and vibration ranges to suit your fitness needs and lifestyle.


The Advantages of Using an AbodeFit Health™ Treadmill

WalkSlim 920 Tracks Your Stats

Ease of Use

Handy remote controls, integrated digital display screens and the choice of manual & automatic speed control modes make WalkSlim treadmill's surprisingly simple to use. Monitor your progress according to speed, distance, time, calories and steps.

Varied Workouts

A broad range of Walkslim Treadmills, that vary in speed range, power and incline so you can choose the model that best suits walking, running and intense workouts.

Consistent Training

WalkSlim treadmills are a very convenient choice for those who want to train regularly. In the comfort of your home and office, even during times of unpredictable cold and wet weather, you can exercise on your slimline WalkSlim treadmill. The space-saving and lightweight, foldable designs make assembly and storage easy and convenient.


The Health Benefits of an AbodeFit Health™ Treadmill

Walkslim treadmills are a great choice to begin a new exercise routine because walking is well tolerated by most, regardless of fitness level and most back conditions. As your strength and endurance develop, choose a Walkslim treadmill that suits jogging and high intensity interval training.

Walking or running on a WalkSlim treadmill is an excellent source of exercise that puts less stress on your body than walking or running on a flat surface outdoors. The multi-layer, shock-absorbing, tread belt cushioning system reduces impact of each stride to minimise joint stress and recovery.

The health benefits of regular treadmill exercise are extensive, including heart health, weight loss, diabetes prevention, improved muscle tone and depression relief.

Walking On Treadmill

Healthy Heart

Regular exercise on a treadmill can help counter some heart related diseases as it boosts heart rate and blood flow. Also reduces the chance of high blood pressure and hypertension. The Australian Heart Foundation and Diabetes Australia both recommend walking up to 30 minutes or 10,000 steps a day. With your WalkSlim Treadmill, it's easy to reach this goal.

Weight Loss

Regular exercise on a treadmill contributes to improved body composition and calorie burn, particularly when the handrail or handles are not used for support. Supporting your body with the handrail and or handles reduces the effort you are putting in and therefore the amount of calories you burn. Your feet and legs need to be carrying your full weight to gain the most from your workout.

Diabetes Prevention

Regular treadmill exercise helps muscles absorb blood sugar preventing build-up in the bloodstream thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

Muscle Toning

An efficient treadmill aerobic workout, increases strength, improves joint flexibitity and tones your quads, buttocks, calves and arms.

Depression and Anxiety Relief

Treadmill exercise in the home is sometimes the only type of fitness one can be motivated to do when feeling down. The Black Dog Institute highly recommends walking to relieve depression symptoms and help you get back on track.


Choosing the Right Treadmill

AbodeFit Health™ offers a wide range of treadmills so choosing the best model to suit your individual needs is important. Please refer to the Treadmill Comparison Chart.

Man Running On Treadmill

Space Poor

If you live in a small apartment or wish to have a treadmill for a tiny office, the size and portability of your WalkSlim treadmill is a key consideration. Choose a treadmill that is lightweight, compact, slimline and can be stored either vertically or upright. All WalkSlim treadmills come with either a foldable handrail/handles or without and have wheels so they move around easily. Compare the fold dimensions to gauge the amount of storage space required.

Injury and Rehabilitation

If your doctor has recommended you to start exercising whilst recovering from injury or illness, a WalkSlim treadmill at home with stabilising handles or a safety handrail and a safety key would be a great choice. All the WalkSlim treadmills are engineered with high density anti slip shock absorbing cushioning systems and tapered rollers to minimise stress on feet, ankles, knees & hips so you can enjoy a longer, more comfortable workout and a faster recovery.

Exercise for Seniors

With safety keys, sturdy safety handrails/ handles and slow starting speeds, the WalkSlim range of walking treadmills are the best choice for seniors. The WalkSlim treadmills have a predictable surface that is much easier to negotiate than sidewalks, curbs or trails with reduced risk of tripping. Exceptionally quiet during use, the Walkslim cushioned belts react instantly to any shift in speed input.

Weight Loss

If losing weight is the main purpose for exercising on your WalkSlim treadmill, then make sure you choose a model that is suited to both walking and running. Running on a treadmill generally burns calories faster than most other forms of in-home exercise, such as biking.

Powerful motors that perform better at higher speeds and incline will encourage you to engage in more intense workouts, yielding a higher calorie burn for greater weight loss.

For those that are tall with a long running stride and heavy, compare weight capacity and the tread belt size. You will be surprised at how much difference the extra 5cm makes on the length and width.


The latest Treadmill Technology

WalkSlim 810 folding frame & easy Storage

Intelligent Automatic Speed Control

An intelligent somatosensory adaptive sensor system on select WalkSlim treadmills, combine high precision pressure sensors and induction technology to control speed automatically. The location of your footsteps or your footstep frequency will adjust speed automatically. So no longer do you need to use a remote control to adjust speed or think about your pace, because the WalkSlim treadmill will do that for you !

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect to compatible fitness apps, such as Kinomap or Zwift, through a Bluetooth wireless connection and stream enjoy beautiful walks and workouts as if you were outside or connect to your favourite tunes to keep you motivated and entertained.

Innovative Sleek Designs

Foldable handrails, integrated display consoles, unique double folding frames, hydraulic handles, lightweight construction materials and upright storage solutions are just some of the innovative features of the Walkslim treadmill range.

Superior Quality & Durability

AbodeFit Health™ Treadmills are built to last with durable motors, high grade components and large weight capacities. All models are supported by a lifetime warranty on frame, 5 years on motor and 2 years on parts and labour.


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