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  1. Aquasana Water Undersink Filter Kit - Standard
    Aquasana Under Counter Water Filter - Premium
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    Aquasana Countertop Water Filter - AQ 4000 - White
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    Aquasana Shower Water Filter
    Arriving late May
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    Aquasana Shower Replacement Filter
    Arriving late May
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    Aquasana Countertop and Undersink A&B Replacement Filters
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Organic life on this planet is governed by water. Just as our natural environment thrives when the water is clean, our bodies too are deeply affected by the quality of water we consume. While our sources of drinkable water have improved over time (beer is no longer the safest way to consume liquid), there is a long way to go. A rise in the use a chemical fertilisers and pesticides inevitably run off into water catchments. Smog and air pollution settle into our drinking water. Municipal drinking water pipes may be old and therefore secreting harmful minerals. People with compromised auto immune systems are particularly susceptible to these toxic polluntants.

Thankfully we now have viable and sustainable solutions to provide a source of healthy water in our homes...and in our bodies. The Aquasana range of water filters are the most outstanding, practical water filtration solutions we have found in our 20 years of research. The Aquasana range of filters come in shower, countertop, undersink and whole of house solutions. On a basic level, they work to remove the "unhealthy" elements of water, while maintaning the minerals which are beneficial to the body.

These top rated filters are easy to install by connecting to your existing water system, are environmentally friendly with replaceable filters (you can also join the Water4Life programme for filter replacement reminders) and are cost effective.

Please take a look at the range, look at the testing data and ask any questions you may have about the most suitable clean water solution for your home.

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