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    BioChef Stainless Steel Straws
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    BioChef Ceramic Knife Twin Gift Set - Black
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Vitality4Life offer a range of kitchenware products that are sustainable, durable and sit perfectly within our healthy home and healthy kitchen product range. Our kitchenware products include ceramic knives, Bamboo knife blocks, Bamboo diningware and Bamboo cutting boards.

Ceramic knives are at the cutting edge of commercial and domestic knife quality and precision. With blades made from Zirconium oxide, the produce you are cutting is NOT exposed to a metal blade which therefore means reduced oxidation and destruction of nutrients and enzymes in the raw produce.

Our kitchenware products have been selected for use in the home for preparation of ingredients for juices and blenders, or for raw foods. This is the reason we have chosen these materials.

For this reason, our top brand BioChef comes with free gifts with purchase that comprise of a variety of ceramic knives, double sided cutting boards and BPA free smoothie bottles.

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