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    BioChef Aurora Vacuum Blender & Soup Maker - White
    $359.00 $549.00
    Save 40%
  2. Rating:
    BioChef Galaxy Pro Blender
    $199.00 $329.00
    Dispatching late April / May
  3. BioChef Galaxy Blender Black with Glass Jug
    BioChef Galaxy Blender
    $124.00 $249.00
    Save 50%
  4. BioChef Astro Vacuum Blender Dark Grey side
    BioChef Astro Vacuum Blender
    $281.00 $375.00
    Save 25%
  5. BioChef Nova Blender Black
    BioChef Nova Blender
  6. BioChef Atlas Power Blender White Sideways Fruit
    BioChef Atlas Power Blender
    $491.00 $655.00
    Save 25%
  7. BioChef High Performance Blender
    BioChef High Performance Blender
    $279.00 $349.00
    Save 20%
  8. BioChef Living Food Blender
    BioChef Living Food Blender
  9. biochef living food vacuum blender white
    BioChef Living Food Vacuum Blender
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    BioChef Vacuum Blending Accessory
  11. Rating:
    Atlas Power Blender Dry Jug
  12. Rating:
    BioChef Living Food Blender Dry Jug
    Save 10% with coupon V4L10OFF
  13. BioChef Vakuum Trinkflasche 3er Pack
    BioChef Vacuum Tumbler
  14. Rating:
    BioChef Vacuum Blender Container + Pump Fits Vitamix
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Do you find it hard to pack enough fresh fruits and vegetables into your every day diet? You would need to be living in a cave not to have heard the term 'green smoothie' lately.

This has come about as blender technology has improved to now have the strength to correctly pulverise the skins, seeds and pulp of fruits and vegetable which importantly makes it become more bioavailable to our systems. These types of blenders are aptly called "high powered blenders" or "super blenders" and take blending to a whole new level. These types of blenders are able to make super smooth shakes and smoothies, hot soups, baby food and frozen ice creams and more.

With an ever-growing range of high powered blenders available on the market, the ability to choose one which suits your needs best becomes increasingly difficult. Vitality 4 Life is at the fore-front of super blending technology and our focus remains on usability and intuitive functions to make blending and making healthy meals even easier. We believe the BioChef Living Food Blender surpasses all other blenders in its class with preset programming and swipe panel technology. While our BioChef High Performance Blender offers great value for money, perfect for those just getting started.

Watch the below video to see how the two best of class high powered blenders, the Vitamix 5200 and the BioChef Living Food Blender match up while making steaming hot soup...


When you add more delicious and nutritious vegetables and fruits to your diet you will enjoy a number of health benefits including increased energy, better immune response, more vibrant skin and hair and much more. These multipurpose machines can also be used as an ice cream maker, ice crusher, meat grinder, flour mill, food processor and chopper, an essential part of any healthy kitchen.

With years of blending knowledge and customer feed back we have developed a range of blenders that are quick, strong and easy to clean and site in a more affordable price range than other similar but more well known brands.

With the rise of the super blender has come the rise of the blender community...there are thousands of things you can make with a blender.

Be sure to take a look at the blender range that we have to offer and read the great blogs and recipes all about blenders.

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