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A cold press juicer is a kitchen appliance that uses a masticating (crushing and squeezing) method to produce a juice that is superior in nutritional quality than the old fashioned style centrifugal counterparts. Cold press juicers operate a completely different way than loud fast spinning, grating type juicers. The first thing a cold press juicer will do is crush the produce (not grate it), then it will crush it finer until the cell wall breaks open and all the goodness is released into from the insoluable fibre as a 'juice'. As this juice has been gently extracted, similar to the way our teeth chew food, it stays 'alive' for up to 48 hours. On drinking this juice, it is absorbed into your bloodstream within 10 minutes.

Vitality4life now brings you the the BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer the forefront of Juicing technology. Bringing forth the best in quality, value and performance. The popular vertical slow juicer design is now offering an advanced option, of being able to juice whole fruits and vegetables, lowering the preparation time meaning you can speed up your juicing ritual, but still deep the benefits and nutritional values a Cold Press Juicer can provide! The result is the fastest and easiest slow juicing experience ever thought possible!

Watch the whole apple slow juicer comparison video below to see which of the world's two best of class whole slow juicers perform better in the whole apple test.

Cold Press or Masticating Juicers are designed to efficiently and effectively juice hard and soft fruits, vegetables and citrus. The majority of cold press juicers will also be able to juice wheatgrass and fibrous, leafy green vegetables like celery and spinach.

Cold press juicers are used for mainly juicing but some, particularly the much loved Oscar brand of juicers can be easily transformed into an allround living food kitchen processor. They can be used for making nut milks, dips, frozen desserts, nut butters or as a pasta or noodle extractor.

Browse through our range to see which juicer suits your needs and environment the best.

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