About Us: Vitality4life New Zealand

About Vitality 4 Life

Vitality 4 Life is an Australian owned and operated company, located in beautiful Byron Bay in Northern NSW. We are a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about both health and the Vitality 4 Life Approved Product Range. Owner and Company Director, Roger Akins, first discovered cold press juicers in the late 1980's. Understanding the importance of raw foods and his personal experience of using raw fruits and vegetables to turn his health around; Roger saw cold press juicers as miracle machines. A machine which could deliver a nutrient-dense living juice directly into the blood stream. A machine which would allow one to consume a normal days worth of fruits or vegetables in just one glass! His incredible passion for cold press juicers and raw foods was the beginning of Vitality 4 Life. Starting simply as the knowledge of what juicing and raw foods could do for one's health.

Roger then began to expand his knowledge; learning the principles of Dr Norman Walker's teachings, and other inspiring natural health professionals. One such person was Brian Clements, director of the Hippocrates Institute. Together with Brian, Roger developed the GreenPower Hippocrates Twin Gear Juicer and began importing them into Australia. This was the beginning of the cold press juicing industry in Australia and infact for most of the western world!

Since then, cold press juicers have evolved and developed; making them smaller, compact and easier to use and clean without compromising the quality of juice. Cold press juicing has now become mainstream and the general consumer is more conscious of their health and the benefits of raw foods. Today we have a wide range of cold press juicers to suit individual needs and requirements.

Our Vitality 4 Life Approved Product Range has also expanded. Sourcing products from around the globe which help our customers to access more raw foods, living juice, pure water, clean air and holistic exercise. These are what we believe to be the fundamentals of good health and vitality and we are proud to be able to offer this to our customers.

As our product range has grown, so has our team. Today, Vitality 4 Life's team is made up of around 30 individuals who are dedicated to providing our customers with the products, service and resources to assist them on their personal health journey. Vitality 4 Life now has offices in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe and distributes globally.

As innovators in the health industry, we are dedicated to sourcing the very latest in health technology. We travel the globe to bring you leading international brands such as Champion, Aquasana and Joraform as well as using our extensive knowledge to design and develop our own brands such as BioChef and Oscar.

You will now find Vitality 4 Life Approved Products in most major retailers in Australia such as David Jones, Myer, Harvey Norman, Good Guys and Big W as well as health food stores, health practices and retreats.

In the UK and Europe you will find us in stores such as Selfridges & Co, Fenwick and the Good CookShop.

Another project which is close to our heart is Mullum Sari; a world-class health and detox retreat located in Mullumbimby, NSW Australia. In partnership with Vitality 4 Life, Mullum Sari has established itself to become one of the leading detox retreats in Australia, encompassing a medi spa, holistic gym and luxury accommodation. Based upon the same principle beliefs as Vitality 4 Life, Mullum Sari strives to offer the very best facilities and treatments and endeavors to make them available to all those who seek it. See more at www.mullumsari.com