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BioChef Vega Oil Press Machine

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✓ Uses expeller press technology to make preservative free, natural oil.
✓ Reaches optimal pressing temperature in just 30-60 seconds.
✓ Simple and easy to use and clean.
✓ Fully automatic with digital display, pre-programmed settings and simple touch controls
✓ Make your own oil from peanuts, sesame, sunflower, flax seeds, hemp and more!
✓ 3 Year Warranty


  • Biochef-Vega-NZ

BioChef Vega Oil Press Machine

Home oil press for extracting oil from nuts & seeds

  • BioChef-Vega
  • The BioChef Vega Oil Press Machine is a true innovation in home oil extraction. Unlike any other machine on the market, the BioChef Vega Oil Press Extractor is designed primarily for home use. The BioChef Vega Oil Press Machine is simple and easy to use, meaning you can start creating your own sunflower oil, sesame oil, flax seed oil, hemp oil and more from your own home!


Benefits of cold pressed oil

Retain the living nutrients found in natural oils

  • Sunflower-Oil
  • Oil extracted with the BioChef Vega Oil Press is cold pressed with the living nutrients and enzymes intact. Most store-bought oils have preservatives added to the oil to extend its shelf life. Cold pressing your own oils mean you know that your oil is pure, with no additives! Cold pressed oils also retain their flavour and aroma; enhancing the flavours of food when cooking.


Expeller Press Technology

Screw pressing for an extraction rate of up to 88%

  • BioChef-Vega-Digital-Screen
  • The expeller press works by extracting oil with a mechanical press rather than through a chemical extraction process. The expeller press is a screw type machine, which presses the nuts and seeds through a barrel, creating friction and pressure to compress the ingredients. The ingredients are ground which separates the liquid from the pulp without the oil rising above 50ºc, therefore retaining all the nutrients and enzymes. This means that you are left with a cold pressed oil that maintains all the flavours, aromas and nutritional value of the ingredients you have just put through the machine. Generally, the BioChef Vega Oil Press will take 4-8 minutes to extract oil from 200 grams of ingredients.


Extraction Capabilities

The BioChef Vega Oil Press will efficiently extract pure oil from:

  • Almond-Oil
  • Nuts : Almond, brazil, cashew, hazelnut, macadamia, peanut, pinenut, pistachio, walnut
    Seeds : Hemp, linseed, flaxseed, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower


Use your cold pressed oil to create delicious food

What can you make with your home extracted oil?

  • You can use your home pressed natural nut and seed oils for frying, baking or to add flavour to a variety of foods including:
    - Salad Dressings
    - Marinades
    - Cakes
    - Breads
    - Dips
    - Pesto
    - Seasoning for steamed vegetables or fish


Recipe ideas:

  • - Try skipping the sauce and toss walnut or hazelnut oil through cooked pasta with some chopped nuts and grated Parmesan cheese
    - Use pumpkin seed oil in lieu of butter, to flavour steamed or boiled green beans just before serving
    - Heat almond oil gently with slivered almonds and serve with white fish


Additional Information

Brands BioChef
Model Number BCVG
UPC 9341061011453
Type Screw pressing
RPM 55
Frequency 50 - 60Hz
Colors Available White
Included Accessories Manual, Glove, Wrench, Cleaning Brush, Strainer, Oil & Pulp Container
Domestic Warranty 3 Years
Product Weight 6.7 kg
Shipping Weight 9.1 kg
Product Dimensions L 30cm x W 16cm x H 24cm
Shipping Dimensions L 41.2cm x W 28cm x H 37.5cm
Wattage 510w
Voltage 220-230v
Certified CE Certified
Materials Stainless Steel
Compatible Foods Almond, Brazil, Cashew, Hazelnuts, Hemp Seeds, Linseed / Flaxseed, Macadamia, Peanut, Pinenut, Pistachio, Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Walnut