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BioSari Marble Infrared Heater


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✓ 100% natural marble stone which is highly energy efficient
✓ Emits far infrared heat creating a soft dry environment
✓ Silent operation with adjustable thermostat
✓ Over-heat and tip-over protection
✓ Contemporary slimline design
✓ 3-year warranty


BioSari Marble Infrared Heater

MarboThermic® Technology

  • Efficient and economical thanks to the long-lasting heat storage function, the BioSari Marble Infrared Heater provides cosy warmth on cool days. While ‘storage’ heaters have been around for a long time, the BioSari heater is a breakthrough in portable heating technology. Featuring Mongolian marble cut into slices and embedded with heating elements, this makes it the most efficient heating device on the market today in terms of radiant heat emitted...30% more far infrared rays than any other type of heating elements.


Far infrared heat

Soft sunshine-like warmth

  • BioSari Marble Heater Made From Natural Mongolian Marble
  • Soft sunshine-like warmth is emitted by the BioSari Marble Infrared Heater. The wavelength of far infrared rays is ideal to make us feel comfortable. The molecules release an incredible amount of far infrared energy at a temperature of 300 degrees. The far-infrared rays of the BioSari Marble infrared Heater are 10-12 µm which is the best for the human body. By comparison, the short-infrared of oil-based storage heaters sit between 2.5 µm and are the worst range for the human body.


Energy Efficient

30% more far infrared rays

  • Independent testing found the 1300W BioSari Marble Infrared Heater brought the temperature in a 10m2 room to the ideal temperature of 25º C in around 60 minutes, while oil-filled heaters of similar wattage took around 2 hours to heat the same sized room to just under 20º C. There is a thermostat to regulate the heat and the remarkable storage properties of marble means the BioSari heater will continue to emit up to half an hour after it has been turned off.


Quiet and safe

Tip over protection

  • For a safe stance, the BioSari Marble heater has an extra-wide base stand. A practical carrying handle gives you mobility and facilitates the transfer to any desired location. The modern design with brushed metal elements fits seamlessly into the home, office or clinic.

  • Safe and Practical BioSari Marble Heater

Additional Information

Brands BioSari
Model Number BSMH
UPC 9341061012849
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Colors Available White
Domestic Warranty 3 Years
Product Weight 11.3 kg
Shipping Weight 13 kg
Product Dimensions D 25cm x W 48cm x H 67cm
Shipping Dimensions D 16.8cm x W 54.2cm x H 69.5cm
Wattage 1300 w
Voltage 220-240v
Materials Aluminium Frame & Feet, Marble Heating Element
Parts Materials Front Net Cover & Rear Casing: SPCC, Handle & Handle Casing: Polycarbonate
Extra Features Adjustable temperature, Infrared
Cable Length 1.8m