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Commercial grade composters are fast becoming an economic solution for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally conscious. This 'triple bottom line' of the three Ps - people, planet and profit has seen a variety of organisations investing in a commercial composter as they look at ways to meet their commitments.

At present, approximately 50% of everyday ruubbish could be composted and returned to the land. when organic rubbish (food scraps and garden vegetation) is buried 'anaerobically (without air) in landfill, it causes a significant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

Commercial composter are being used for apartment buildings, hospitals, mining communities, schools and restaurant cooperatives.

A commercial composter can service the equivalent of up to 100 households.

There is an interesting paper called SORTING IT OUT: FOOD WASTE SEPARATION IN LARGE NEW ZEALAND HOTELS: BARRIERS AND INCENTIVES for the Tourisn Research Scholarship Industry Report in October 2012 which details the scale of the environmental problems and solutions.

Read the paper here.

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