Compost Tumbler

Composting is a natural way that fungi, bacteria and other organisms break down organic home materials such as leaves, kitchen waste and scraps from the garden. Home composters are gardening tools that household waste is disposed into, which eventually manifests into organic decomposed compost - and in turn, nourishing food for your garden.

Using a fully insulated, aerated and 360 degree rotating home composter makes the process of composting efficient so you can have organic, nutrient rich compost in just six to eight weeks.

Composting your garden and kitchen waste is another way of reducing your carbon footprint and giving back to the earth in a very real way. If you are after a more foolproof way to maximise the use of your garden, kitchen and even pet ‘waste’, the Joraform range of composting units are designed so well that the process from waste to super compost is fast.

The ‘garden variety’ versions of composters are called the ‘Little Pig’ and the ‘Big Pig’ (due to the shape of the unit). The Little Pig holds around 10 to 12 litres of waste per week and is suitable for 4 - 6 persons and is perfect for small to medium households. While the Big Pig holds around 25-30 litres a week and is suitable for 10-12 persons and can be used for larger households or in strata housing to collectively manage green waste - because of the clever rotational design and the insulation in the unit, almost every type of waste, from meat, cooked foods, paper, pet dropping and garden refuse is composted fast.


Benefits of a Rotating Composter (versus a compost bin)

  • Speeds up the composting process - convert waste to ‘ready to use’ compost in as little as 6 weeks (and up to 8 weeks) with a sealed compost tumbler
  • No need to dive head first with a pitchfork to aerate compost - simply spin the tumbler to mix and aerate your compost matter
  • Keep rodents, pests and pets out of compost
  • Eliminates composting odors
  • Suitable for urban and suburban residential or commercial properties
  • Tidy and non-obtrusive design
  • Easy to access finished compost


Easily Compare Joraform Composters

Find out which composter is the best fit for you with our handy composter comparison table, below:

Joraform Compost Tumblers


Key Features of the Joraform Composters

We love the Joraform rotating composters for so many reasons!

  • Fast breakdown time - approx 6 to 8 weeks
  • Insulated compartments to conserve heat (heats up to 75 degrees celsius) - great for cool climates and all-weather composting
  • Suitable for composting ALL kitchen waste including meat and fish!
  • Dual compartments to make emptying and bringing waste to maturity, easier. With the ability to use every day, and still be able to mature for 6-8 weeks after the last batch was put in.
  • Sturdy handles for easy rotation
  • Air vents to reduce odours
  • Elevated rodent proof design
  • Fully enclosed and pest resistant
  • Easy to access finished compost with separate doors. Rotate the drum directly over a wheelbarrow or bucket and tip the ready to use compost in and you’re ready to go!

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