Benefits of a Cold Press Juicer

Benefits of a Cold Press Juicer

Do you know the difference between store bought juice and fresh juice? How about the difference between fresh juices made from different styles of juicers? It can seem a little more complicated at first thought! A cold press juicer is a healthy style of juicing machine. It has been designed to preserve living nutrients and enzymes from fruits and vegetables to produce a high-quality "living juice". Just by doing some research you will discover that cold press juicing has become a popular concept in recent years... And for good reason!

Benefits of a Cold Press Juicer

  • "Alive" Juice is packed full of living nutrients and enzymes, and you body can digest easier when juiced!
  • You are able to ingest a larger amount of vegetables into your diet - much easier than eating a kilo of carrots!
  • Control what is in your juice - no more preservatives, sugars, additives, colours and flavours, just pure juice!
  • Eco-friendly - not supporting the packaging, shipment and storage of pre-packaged, store bought juice.
  • Less wastage - pulp is significantly drier, which means more juice from your produce and less wastage!
  • Longer warranties, a long term investment into your health!
  • Cold Press Juicers are easier to clean and use

Could this all really be true?! Yes!

Latest revolutionary Design in Cold Press Juicing

Cold Press Juicing has been launched into the mainstream with the new Vertical Style Cold Press juicer, consumers are now aware of the benefits and ease of consuming living juice as part of their daily routine, resulting in a healthier lifestyle! The latest breakthrough steams from years of customer feedback, with consumers wanting juicers which require less produce preparation. Vertical Cold Press juicers are now able to juice whole fruits and vegetables! meaning less preparation time, resulting in the fastest and most enjoyable slow juicing experience ever! Vitality 4 Life has grasped this new technological advancement in vertical slow juicers and has brought to the market place the best in quality, value and performance with our very own BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer.

Watch the whole apple slow juicer in action with the comparison video below, see which of the world's two best whole slow juicers perform better in the whole apple test.

The concept of living juice was first introduced by Dr. Norman Walker (1886-1985). Dr Walker declared that the enzymes in fruit and vegetables die at temperatures which exceed 50 degrees Celsius. He explained that any juice extractor that used a high-speed blade or centrifuge created friction heat leading to the destruction of enzymes.

Cold Press "Living Juicers" utilise a mortar and pestle action to release deep seated nutrients and enzymes found in fruit and vegetables. The slow rotations per minute (RPM) in cold press juicers ensures that it does not disrupt the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables, eliminating oxidisation and separation. Thus, it preserves the precious enzymes and nutrients that are closest to its natural form.

Eating raw fruit and vegetables has been shown to deliver remarkable cleansing and renewing effects on the entire body. It is suggested that most adults do not get close to their daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables, and juicing has become a modern way to accomplish this. Juicing will provide a highly concentrated nutrient drink. For optimum benefits the process must extract the goodness without destroying vital enzymes through heat. Cold Press Juicers operate slowly at 75-160 revs a minute. This enables the juicing machine to gently squeeze vital nutrients from fresh produce. Cold press juicers grind more fibre more thoroughly than centrifugal juicers to release more nutrients.

When spending money on produce to make juice, you want to be certain that you have a juicer which extracts quality juice, and the most amount of juice. It may seem like a lot of money to spend on a kitchen appliance, but buying a cold press juicer is one of the best investments you will ever make for your health and wellbeing. At Vitality 4 Life we like to put this in perspective: by purchasing a cold press juicer, it will ultimately pay for itself with the amount you save on your grocery and health bill.


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