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  1. New Year's Resolutions - Just say NO

    New Year's Resolutions - Just say NO

    People have been failing at their New Year's Resolutions for 4000 years. What makes me think I could do any better? It's been three days and I have already failed. At least back then the Babylonians were offering their resolutions up to God in the hope of improving the crop. Now we just offer them up to ourselves or our nearest and dearest who have no choice but to listen and nod along. But what do we get in return?

    new years resolutions, eat healthy, juice everday

    When looking at the top new year's resolutions I mostly notice this.. we have to give up, quit, try harder, be better, look better and on it goes. I think if we were going to do these things we would have already done them. Its just too hard especially with a hangover. I don't know about you but if someone or even myself tells me to do something, I just don't want to do it. It's the latent toddler in all of us. So by the time we get to the second week, or day in my case, of January, we start thinking 'bugger it' and go back to normal wishing we hadn't told anyone. And what we are left with is a little bit of guilt and self loathing. Perfect start to the New Year.

    I like the old saying 'one day at a time' it's perfect for this time of year and any other. Instead of saying I must lose 10 kg this year to feel better about myself. Maybe just one day start the day with a cleansing juice and go for a walk

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  2. Juicing vs blending, which is better?

    Juicing vs blending, which is better?

    Which is better: juicing or blending? Does one offer more health benefits than the other?
    We believe that both juicing and blending are very beneficial, but in different ways. it turns out there’s a lot of confusion about the two, and many people believe they are juicing when in fact they are blending. So, let’s clear things up!




    Juicing is a process which extracts water and nutrients from produce and discards all the fiber.  Without all the fiber, your digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to break down the food and absorb the nutrients. Cold Press juicing separates the fiber / Pulp form the produce making the nutrients more readily available to the body in much larger quantities than if you were to eat the fruits and vegetables whole. This process is extremely healthy and great for those of you embarking on any sort of Detox or lifestyle change.

    A masticating cold pressed juice extractor works on a crushing and squeezing action mimicking our own chewing action by correctly breaking open the cell wall, releasing the nutrients and organic water content while expelling the insoluble fibre.

    Without all this indigestable fibre, your body doesn't have to work as hard to break down the vegetables and fruits. Cold pressed vegetable juices deliver nutrients into our bloodstream quickly and in a bio available form and juices are included in almost all types of healing and detoxification programs.

    It is important to have a cold press juicer over a centrifugal juicer (the old style, loud and hard to clean type) a cold press juicer is named

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  3. The BioChef Blender - All-in-one Kitchen Appliance!

    The BioChef Blender - All-in-one Kitchen Appliance!

    The BioChef High Performance Blender is a 3Hp commercial-grade total Kitchen Appliance! Not only can you whip up smoothies, whole fruit juices and cocktails but the BioChef Blender will also allow you to make HOT soup, FROZEN ice creams and desserts, baby food, mill grains, knead dough, process, chop, mince and puree!

    The BioChef Blender is called a total kitchen machine for a reason - it can help you create breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, dessert, and help with general food preparation! The benefit of owning a BioChef Blender is being able to endlessly create and experiment with different tasty but healthy food options for you and your family.

    With the BioChef Blender there is no need to add extra sugar, salt, fat or preservatives - just natural wholesome food! Be in control of what you are fuelling your body, with the BioChef!

    Blending - At it's best!

    Whether you are creating creamy smoothies, making healthy milk alternatives, making nut butters, emulsifying, mixing or pureeing, the BioChef Blender promises great results every time! With built in speed controls and variables you can sit back and let the Bio Chef create!

    Smoothies and Whole Fruit Juices

    Squeeze in your recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables with a smoothie! Also make whole food juices in the BioChef Blender. Benefit from all the flavour, nutrition and fibre in a naturally sweet and smooth whole fruit juice!

    Steaming Hot Soup in Minutes!

    The super powered motor and high speed blades will bring fresh ingredients to boiling point through friction heat that transforms fresh vegetables into a steaming hot soup, liquidising to a smooth consistency in as little as 4 minutes.

    Ice Cream and Frozen Fruit Desserts

    The BioChef Blender's blade action crushes and cuts up frozen fruit to create a larger frozen surface that refreezes itself into a smooth and scrumptious soft-serve frozen treat.

    You can now indulge

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  4. Product Comparison Series: High Performance Blenders

    Product Comparison Series: High Performance Blenders

    If you are someone who loves to live a 'raw food' lifestyle, a blender would be indispensable in your kitchen. Most electric blenders on the market nowadays are good quality and high performance. They can grind coffee beans, chop onions, crush ice, make ice cream and some can even prepare hot soup. These small electric appliances are multi-functional and can make everything from frosty margaritas to healthy green smoothies.

    There are many different brands and models on the market like Vitamix Blenders, Blendtec Blender, Omniblend, Oster, Kitchenaid, Ninja , BioChef, Sunbeam, Omega and much more.. There are a lot of comparisons like OmniBlend vs Breville, Ninja vs Hamilton and Vita-Mix and there's even a 'Blender Top 10' available online. Not everybody is looking for the same kind of blender; neither for the same reason to use it. Are you looking for a commercial blender or do you just need a smoothie machine? Do you like to use it every day or once in the two weeks? Are you looking for a small blender, so it fits under your kitchen cabinets? Do you need a cheap blender and just need to compare prices? Or do you like that heavy duty food processor for your whole family?

    To avoid confusing by comparing too many different blenders, we've created a comparison table below. We compare professional blenders from BioChef, Omega and the Vitamix. We think these are the best blenders on the market in New Zealand and the models below vary in price, features and design, so there will always be one model that will satisfy your wishes. The table also shows you which food can be processed in your blender.

    Bio Chef High Performance Blender Omega 3 HP Commercial Blender
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