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  1. Why Buy a 3D Vibration Machine?

    Why Buy a 3D Vibration Machine?

    Are you looking for the next challenge in your fitness journey, or to add variety to your work-out? The VibroSlim Radial 3D now offers you the latest in vibration machine technology - 3d vibration, also known as tri-planar vibration.

    This dual motor machine is the newest style of whole body vibration machine to enter the marketplace as it offers 3 vibration modes in 1 machine. Save money as you have the ability to choose from lineal, oscillating, or tri-planar vibrational movements, as the VibroSlim Radial 3D machine has 2 built-in motors with 3 manual modes and 3 pre-set automatic programs. This unique dual-motor machine offers all different users an effective machine where they can choose their mode, so it is extremely versatile.

    The VibroSlim Radial 3D has been called the ultimate vibration machine, as it offers the benefits from all 3 types of vibration movements in one platform. Experience what was once considered impossible - strength training, weight loss, improved balance, increased circulation, muscle relaxation, massage, and functional movement - all in one unit!

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  2. Compare Vibration Machines NZ

    Compare Vibration Machines NZ

    Compare leading brands of Vibration machines in New Zealand with our post 'Compare Vibration Machines NZ. A comprehensive guide to which vibration machine you should buy and why. A must-read before purchasing!

    In this review we will compare the top advertised vibration machines in New Zealand: VibroSlim Ultra, Ultra Pro, Radial 3D, CardioTech Lifeback 2 and the Hypervibe G10 Mini.

    Which Vibration Machine Should I Buy?

    VibroSlim Ultra Promotion Banner

    I want the best value = VibroSlim Ultra

    As you can see from the above table, the VibroSlim Ultra offers by far the best value in the market:

    • Only $399
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • 20 speed settings and 3 pre-set programs
    • Comes with arm straps, remote control, DVD and wall chart
    • Flat, large platform for stability & balance
    • Lightweight with wheels for easy storage

    I want the latest technology = VibroSlim Ultra Pro

    The Vibroslim Ultra Pro is also a fantastic buy at $520. The Ultra Pro is obviously different in appearance and is more sleek and sophisticated looking, and will suit even the most modern of homes. It has a LCD screen and has on-board speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect you phone or music device to the machine and music with play through to the speakers wirelessly.

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