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  1. Why Buy a 3D Vibration Machine?

    Why Buy a 3D Vibration Machine?

    Are you looking for the next challenge in your fitness journey, or to add variety to your work-out? The VibroSlim Radial 3D now offers you the latest in vibration machine technology - 3d vibration, also known as tri-planar vibration.

    This dual motor machine is the newest style of whole body vibration machine to enter the marketplace as it offers 3 vibration modes in 1 machine. Save money as you have the ability to choose from lineal, oscillating, or tri-planar vibrational movements, as the VibroSlim Radial 3D machine has 2 built-in motors with 3 manual modes and 3 pre-set automatic programs. This unique dual-motor machine offers all different users an effective machine where they can choose their mode, so it is extremely versatile.

    The VibroSlim

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  2. Compare Vibration Machines NZ

    Compare Vibration Machines NZ

    Compare leading brands of Vibration machines in New Zealand with our post 'Compare Vibration Machines NZ. A comprehensive guide to which vibration machine you should buy and why. A must-read before purchasing!

    In this review we will compare the top advertised vibration machines in New Zealand: VibroSlim Ultra, Ultra Pro, Radial 3D, CardioTech Lifeback 2 and the Hypervibe G10 Mini.

    Which Vibration Machine Should I Buy?

    VibroSlim Ultra Promotion Banner

    I want the best value = VibroSlim

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