To be able to enjoy tranquil and restorative time at home while detoxifying your body is now an easily accessible luxury.

Saunas provide you with health benefits in just a few minutes a day, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated to deal with busy life.

You may have heard about ‘infrared’ and ‘regular saunas,’ and the differences between the two. We get questions everyday here at Vitality about this and also why the Zen Far infrared sauna is different to others.

In this article we will dive into answering these questions and let you know about

  • evidence-based truths of how infrared saunas can really benefit your health
  • help clear up some myths around infrared saunas
  • explain the benefits and points of difference of a zen far infrared sauna

Regular saunas vs infrared saunas

Traditional saunas heat th

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