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  1. Holistic Exercise with Pilates

    Holistic Exercise with Pilates

    Where did Pilates all begin?

    Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in Germany in 1883. As a child, Joe suffered many ailments including asthma so he turned to exercise and athletics to help. He studied various exercise routines and was transfixed with the idea of the classical Greek ideal of man with a balanced mind, body and spirit. Hence Pilates was born.

    In 1912 Joe went to the U.K working as a defense instructor at Scotland Yard but at the outbreak of World War I he was interned as an “enemy alien”. Rather than wallow he refined his ideas by training other internees by rigging springs to hospital beds to enable patients to exercise against resistance. These contraptions were the innovation behind later equipment designs. 

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    In 1926 Joe headed to America meeting his wife Clara along the way. When they arrived they opened a studio near the New York ballet. This lead to many dancers and other athletes becoming his clients. Some of those clients then went on to open their own studios throughout the U.S.

    Then Hollywood came calling and where the stars go the media follows. The pilates business boomed and entered the fitness mainstream.

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  2. Byron Bay Pilates Co. - Quality, Affordable Studio Level Pilates Equipment

    Byron Bay Pilates Co. - Quality, Affordable Studio Level Pilates Equipment

    Byron Bay Pilates Co. has been developed by Vitality 4 Life for the purpose of offering high quality, affordable studio level pilates equipment. Our range of professional pilates equipment includes our best selling Pilates Reformer, Pilates Chair, Cadillac or Trapeze, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector Barrel and also the Baby Arc Barrels. Our Pilates equipment is designed with both professionals and beginners in mind and is able to be used by every body type and shape.

    Our Byron Bay Pilates Co. range is affordable without making any sacrifices to quality. We utilise the highest quality Watambu Timber, steel and aluminium to create seamless finishes and solid construction!

    High Quality and Affordable Professional Pilates Equipment

    Four years ago Vitality 4 Life investigated Pilates equipment made in China. While the prices were good, unfortunately the quality wasn't. The quality of the timber, fittings, springs and upholstery wasn't up the Vitality 4 Life standard.

    Vitality 4 Life have spent the last four years researching, developing and sourcing our own factories in Bali and China to create studio level Pilates equipment that is high quality, ideal for all levels of fitness and affordable. And now we have the Byron Bay Pilates Co. range, the result of continuous quality and material improvements over the last 4 years. We have strict quality control measures and Byron Bay Pilates Co. products definately measure up to these standards.

    The Vitality 4 Life Customer Care Guarantee

    We offer the Vitality 4 Life Customer Care Guarantee on all of our Byron Bay Pilates Co. Products.

    We are available to answer customer enquiries over the phone, online or in person from the moment you are considering one of our products. We promise to offer genuine customer support from to five days, five months and even five years after you have purchased your product. Any questions you have about how to use your product or questions

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  3. Product Review: PLT-200 Pilates Reformer

    Product Review: PLT-200 Pilates Reformer

    Our Byron Bay Pilates Co. PLT-200 Reformer is a high quality and affordable studio level exercise equipment, designed to facilitate body strength and tone in keeping with the principles of Pilates.

    Core Strengthening, Toning and Cardio

    The design of the PLT-200 Pilates Reformer creates resistance by using a pulley and spring system to promote core engagement and strength together with your heart and lungs for endurance. It provides gentle movements for your joints but allows you will reach and maintain your target heart rate as effectively as a run. It may also produce visible results sooner — arm, leg and abdominal muscles can look more firm and defined within a dozen or so regular sessions.

    All Levels of Fitness and Body Types

    Exercising with the Pilates Reformer is possible for anyone and everyone. The exercises you can perform on the Reformer can be done by people with all levels of fitness and body types to improve core strength, flexibility, increase muscle tone, stabilise your spine, improve posture, improve balance and coordination whilst enhancing your state of mind and vitality.

    Rehabilitation of Injuries of the Spine and Joints

    The Byron Bay Pilates Co. Reformer’s attachments increase the range of modifications that can be made to exercises, and allows additional stretches beyond what can be done on a mat. This capability, combined with the support afforded by the resistance of the machine, allows people with limited range of movement or injuries to safely do modified exercises to increase strength and prevent further injury.

    Further Pilates Equipment Benefits: 

    • Creates strength without bulk;
    • Increases flexibility;
    • Improves posture;
    • Increased energy levels;
    • Overall lean appearance;
    • Increases body awareness
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