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  1. food dehydrator

    Which food dehydrator should I buy?

    What are food dehydrators?

    Food dehydrators are a great way to reduce your cost of food, increase your nutritional intake and speed up your cooking.

    In the past our ancestors relied on the sun to dry out food, but these days it is a process where moisture is removed from foods by circulating air at a very low temperature in an oven-like device including two main designs: stacked shelves and pull out shelves.

    In this article we will cover the benefits of using food dehydration plus some great tips on deciding the best machine for your home or business, all backed by Vitality 4 Life’s 30 day return policy, 24/7 customer support and extended warranties.

    What are the main benefits of dehydrating food?

    There are many benefits to dehydrating your food and getting a food hydrator machine. 

    Increases your fibre intake

    Studies have shown that food dehydration helps to increase the fibre intake of fruits and vegetables. Fibre is an essential nutrient for gut health, digestion and overall wellbeing and many people do not get enough daily fibre according to Australian and American departments of health. 

    It is recommended you consume at least 25 - 30 grams of fibre per day. One example of fibre increasing in a fruit dehydrator is apricots. When apricots are dehydrated fresh apricots have 3.1 grams of fibre while dried apricots contain 6.5 grams of fibre.

    Increased energy and absorption

    Food dehydrators can help with concentrating calories in your snacks, providing a longer, sustained energy release for your body.

    This is helpful for people who go outdoors on long walks, hikes or camping for example, where sugars are important for long periods of activity without the access to refrigeration.

    Increased nutritional content

    It has also been shown that food dryer machines i

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  2. Homemade Jerky Recipes

    Homemade Jerky Recipes

    Dried meat has been popular for thousands of years and it's not hard to see why. It's delicious, virtually fat free, a great source of protein and best of all homemade jerky doesn't have the addition of preservatives or chemical additives so you can be sure that you are eating healthy whole food.

    There is no science behind making any meat jerky, all you have to do is know what flavours you like, use the freshest of fresh meat and you can be assured of a yummy snack.

    One of the things we get asked for most frequently is how to make meat jerky. Here is a selection of recipes, tried and tested and completely delicious, which you can create using your own food dehydrator!

    Homemade Jerky: The Basics

    Beef Jerky

    • Select only the leanest cuts of meat as fat can affect the drying times and will become rancid very quickly meaning that your jerky will not last as long
    • Be sure to allow adequate space in between slices to allow for air circulation
    • Partially frozen meat is much easier to slice into thin strips. For a chewy jerky cut strips along the grain, for a more tender jerky cut against the grain
    • The thicker you slice your meat the longer it will take to dry
    • Keep your strips as uniform in size as possible to ensure even drying
    • Be sure to let jerky cool completely before storing as any moisture will cause the jerky to spoil. Always store in an airtight container.
    • Use times as a guide only, if you prefer a crispy jerky dry for longer.
    • You may need to use a fine mesh sheet on top of your dehydrating trays depending on how big the holes are in the trays
    • Experiment with
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  3. Cheerful Christmas Juice Recipes

    Cheerful Christmas Juice Recipes

    The festive season is a wonderful time of year that brings families, friends and loved ones together to celebrate the end of another year with food, fun and laughs. It is usually during the silly season that we find ourselves at feast after feast and over-indulging is basically unavoidable. Cold pressed juices are not only a lovely and refreshing drink for everyone to sip on, they're also great for giving our body much needed nutrients. During this time added stress, less exercise and sweet treats are only inevitable. We have compiled some of our favourite Christmas Juice Recipes which are not only great as an alcoholic alternative but we have also included juice recipes for the lead up to the big day and for days afterwards. If you do enjoy a tipple then add your favourite Beveridge for at tasty cocktail.

    Pre-Christmas Juice Recipes

    Did you know that drinking cold press juice can be a fantastic way to de-stress and alleviate tension? There are a range of fruits and vegetables which have been found to calm the nervous system, control blood pressure and relax muscles. Sometimes the build up to Chirstmas day can be extremely stressful, so it is important to arm yourself with things which will help to ease the pressure. Try our favourite de-stressing super juice...

    Stress-free V8 Juice

    • 1/2 bunch or 6 stalks of celery
    • 1/2 red capsicum
    • 3 tomatoes
    • 2 carrots
    • 1 green apple

    Celery is widely known for calming nerves due to it's high calcium content, which also helps to control high blood pressure. Tomato and capsicum are both high in potassium and phosphorus which relieves stress, tiredness, fatigue and cramps. They will also give you the energy needed to get through the silly season!

    Christmas Juice Recipes for Christmas Day

    On the big day, there is nothing better than having fresh cold pressed juice available and at the ready for

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  4. Recipes for Bliss - Hemp Seed Balls

    Recipes for Bliss - Hemp Seed Balls

    Bliss in a Hemp Seed Ball


    When we think of hemp we think of getting high but is hemp the same as marijuana? In a nutshell, no, they are simply both part of the cannabis family. Using delicious hemp seeds in these delicious hemp seed bliss ball recipes you will get high on the delicious taste and natural health benefits of this special seed.

    hemp seeds, horizontal juicers, bliss balls, byron bay, recipes

    The Chinese knew that hemp seeds were healthy and used them as medicine for thousands of years particularly for mental illness related issues. Hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats and essential fatty acids and are a great source of protein, vitamin E, potassium, sodium and magnesium. A true superfood worthy of the name.


    Hemp seeds are good for your hearth as they are a great source of arginine (a basic amino acid and essential nutrient in our diet) and gamma-linolenic acid (a fatty substance found in various plant seed oils). With a ratio of 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats which may help with skin diseases providing relief from uncomfortable symptoms.


    Hemp seeds are complete source of protein as it makes up 25% of the calories and contain all the essential amino acids.


    Let's face it women don't feel very high when it is that time of the month. Hemp seeds may reduce symptoms associated with PMS and menopause, thanks to

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  5. Microgreens - does size really matter?

    Microgreens - does size really matter?


    When growing microgreens in your VegeBox indoor hydroponic garden it's the smaller the better

    Microgreens are simply young vegetable greens or seedlings of a vegetable, herb or edible flower. They don't need a lot of room so growing them in a Vegebox indoor hydroponic garden is easy. Succulent, slender but packing a powerful, nutritious, flavour punch, microgreens are increasing in popularity. While they may seem tender and delicate they are easy to germinate and with usually five days from seed to harvest, even the most impatient gardener will be happy.

    vegebox, indoor hydroponic garden, indoor garden, microgreens,

    Home hydroponics is very popular especially for those who do not have a garden or patio or live in small, high rise apartments. Size matters when you don't have a lot of space and the VegeBox indoor hydroponic garden is compact, sleek and can fit anywhere. Plus there is no digging and weeding to be done so more time to relax.

    Hydroponic vs Soil

    Hydroponic microgreens have some distinct advantage over soil grown. If you are impatient like me you will love hydroponics. Plants grow up to 50 percent faster than soil grown plants. They are chemical free and less susceptible to pests and disease. Being inside they are also safe from the bigger, furry variety of pest.

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  6. VegeBox - not just for greens

    VegeBox - not just for greens

    VegeBox - Indoor Hydroponic Gardens
    Fresh food at your finger tips...

    Spice up your life with red hot chilli peppers

    Your VegeBox indoor hydroponic garden is not only for growing greens. Add a splash of colour and spice and grow your own red hot chilli or a tangle of juicy cherry tomatoes.

    vegebox, grow your own chillis, byron bay, indoor hydroponic garden

    There are so many reasons to spice up your foods. A study by Harvard and China National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (2015) found that eating spicy food for seven days a week — even just once a day — lowered mortality rates by 14 percent! (Note: if you skip the cooling alcoholic beverage you could live even longer)

    The other exciting thing about spicy food is that once your brain has registered the ‘pain’ it immediately starts producing endorphins, those natural little happy makers that give you a rush. That’s maybe why it’s quite addictive, but not in a bad way!

    If the pain gets too much just remember that the chemical in spicy food ‘capsaicin’ is also a fat-soluble molecule so can help you on your journey to lose weight if you need to. The little chilli sure packs a spicy punch.

    Beware though that if you are going to add more spicy foods to your diet remember that processed foods, as with most takeaway, usually has large amounts of added sodium. So growing your own chilli at home in your VegeBox

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  7. BioChef Food Dehydrators - A unique gift for pet lovers

    BioChef Food Dehydrators - A unique gift for pet lovers

    No one else will think of this one, a truly unique gift for pet lovers... make your own healthy dog treats.

    We all know someone who loves their dog more than people. If you want to find a unique  gift for pet lovers that no one else will think of start here with our food dehydrators. Sound boring? It definitely won't be for them when they are making their own healthy dog treats. Or how about buying one for yourself and giving the treats as a gift! Either way they will love it.

    Pet lovers love to know exactly what their doggy treats are made of. With unhealthy treats everywhere at the moment and overseas companies taking over some of our own brands what is in the doggy bag may not be such a, unique gift, pet lovers, pet owners

    Healthy Bite

    There are many news items at the moment suggesting that here are some dangerous dog treats on the market that should be avoided at all costs. Some that can result in serious injury and even death. Beef jerky in particular. If you choose a unique gift for pet lovers from our a food dehydrator range they can make delicious and healthy beef jerky and other treats for their furry best friend at home in their own kitchen.

    Click here from some delicious recipes for people and pups.

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  8. Detox the Body with Green Juices

    Detox the Body with Green Juices

    For lack of a better word - green is good and everyone seems to know it. It seems that "green juice diets" and "green juice detoxes" are becoming quite a popular health craze of late.

    Seen in the media with celebrities and fitness enthusiasts alike promoting the benefits for weight loss, skin rejuvenation, improved energy levels and to generally cleanse the body. Beginning a green juice detox is quite a big under-taking, but your body will love you for it! There are many detox methods available today, from kits sold at health food shops, to fasting, to herbal mixtures. There is also the juice detox method which is best done with a juicer that produces a cold pressed juice.

    Detox the Body with Green JuicesA juice detox can be a solution to weight or existing health problems, and will you will certainly benefit if you also combine this with clean eating. Detoxing using the living juice method is not an easy task, and quite frankly it takes determination and support.

    Although you can juice with all vegetables and some fruits, Green Juices, made from green vegetables, have an extensive effect on the body's organs, and aids in releasing toxins, particularly those found in the liver. Leafy green vegetables release chlorophyll into the liver to encourage the breakdown of toxins by neutralizing them and aids overall liver function.
    When detoxing with a cold press juicer the juice stays alive for 48-72 hours without compromising its living properties. This means large amounts of juice can be extracted and stored for drinking later.

    Drinking green juices is perfect for detoxes as it helps the liver and provides maximum amounts of energy with minimum amount of effort. High in chlorophyll, it acts as a medicine by intensifying the oxygen flow. An increase in

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  9. Top 10 Simple & Delicious Summer Ice-Cream & Sorbet Blender Recipes

    Top 10 Simple & Delicious Summer Ice-Cream & Sorbet Blender Recipes

    We’ve put together a selection of delicious and healthy ice cream and sorbet recipes that you can make quickly and easily using your BioChef Blender and enjoy the tastes of Summer. From coconut to banana, peaches to blueberries, and even Kale! You won’t be disappointed with these scrimptions, no guilt, n’ice cream and sorbet desserts.

    Coconut Bliss Ice CreamThese ice cream (or what we like to call n'ice cream) and sorbet recipes can be made in the BioChef Living Food Blender, the BioChef High Performance Blender and even the BioChef NutriBoost personal blender. Please note; when using the BioChef NutriBoost Bullet Blender to make these ice creams and sorbets, you will need to reduce the ingredients to approximately half (equal to 1-2 serves only) to ensure best results.

    Important: When using frozen fruit, make sure you allow your fruit to slightly defrost by taking it out of the freezer 10 minutes before putting it into the blender.

    ‘Milk’ in these recipes can be substituted depending on your dietary requirements. Coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk and dairy milks are all fine to use.


    Coconut Bliss Ice Cream

    Deceptively creamy but dairy-free, this delicious ice-cream is like a coconut party in your mouth!

    Serves: 3 - 4


    • ½ cup coconut milk
    • ¼ cup unsweetened flaked coconut
    • ¼ cup maple syrup
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  10. Cold Press Juice Recipes: Vegetable Juices

    Cold Press Juice Recipes: Vegetable Juices

    You don't have to use fruit in your juice! Vegetable juices are packed full of nutrients and are a vital addition to any raw food diet. Make sure you leave the skins on your veggies when juicing because so many nutrients can be lost after peeling. Your Cold Press Juicer will preserve all the living enzymes in your vegetables for the healthiest juice possible!

    Veggie JuiceWe have put together some healthy juicing recipes, using our Oscar Neo DA 1000 and the BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer to get you started.


    Garden Juice

    The combination of watercress, spinach and carrots makes an ideal drink to increase blood oxygenation.


    • handful watercress
    • 4 leaves bok choy
    • slice of onion
    • 4-5 carrots

    Preparation instructions:

    • turn the notch on the Juicing Nozzle to 2
    • then juice the carrots alternating with the bok choy and watercress
    • now juice the onion and stir mixture

    Preparation time: 8 min

    Yield: 2 glasses

    Preparation hints:
    Watercress is usually available in supermarkets with the herbs and sprouts. If you can’t find watercress, inspire the management of your local supermarket to start offering some. Watercress is also wonderful in salads, soups and on bread. Feed the carrots by the thin end first.

    Nutritional information:
    Watercress is exceedingly rich in sulphur, phosphorus and chlorine. It is a

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  11. Cold Press Juice Recipes: Fruit Juices

    Cold Press Juice Recipes: Fruit Juices

    The health benefits of cold pressed living juice are abundant and so many people around the world are joining the Living Juice revolution. The best produce can be found at your local farmer's market or green grocer. Buy as much fruit as you can. It's time to start juicing!

    If you don't already have a juicer and you are wanting to follow a healthy raw food diet, it is essential that you purchase a Cold Press Juicer, which will quickly become your favourite appliance in your Raw Food Kitchen.

    We have put together some healthy juicing recipes, using our Oscar Neo DA1000 and the BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer, to get you started


    Meine Mango

    Mangoes have one big advantage; they have a great and strong taste. Mangoes can be quite expensive, but the good news is that one mango is more than enough for a good juice. There are at least twenty-two different types of mangoes with the most exquisite taste. Usually we are lucky to be able to purchase one or two different variations during the stone fruit season. On your next holidays in the tropics have a look for them.


    • 1 mango
    • 1 papaya
    • 4 oranges

    Machine set up:

    • First place the Juicing Strainer into the drum and onto the screw. Attach the drum cap onto the end of the drum by turning it counter clockwise until you feel it sits firmly. Then screw the Juicing Nozzle onto the drum cap turning it counter clockwise onto notch 0.
    • Place your Juice Pitcher under
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  12. Healthy Snack Series: Natural Fruit Leather

    Healthy Snack Series: Natural Fruit Leather

    Trying to maintain a healthy diet, but still love to snack on sweet things? Homemade Fruit Leather may be a great addition to your raw food diet. Not only are these delicious home-made 'roll-ups' a healthy alternative to commercial snack foods, but they taste fantastic! Perfect for a mid-afternoon snack to tackle those sugar cravings and the kid's lunch boxes. Plus, they're so quick and easy to make!

    Homemade fruit leathers
    A fruit leather or fruit roll up is basically blended fruit which is poured out into a thin consistency and dried out. You can think of it like making a smoothie and drying it out! Fruit leathers generally consist of blended fruit however other ingredients can be added to enhance flavours and make unique combinations including yoghurt - to give the roll ups a creamy texture - or spices such as cinnamon work really well too.

    The best tools to have when making fruit roll ups are a good quality blender and a food dehydrator. A blender will allow you to chop and blend the ingredients together in just a few moments and give you a beautiful smooth texture. Also, by having a blender there is no need to stew the fruits over a stove prior to straining or pureeing. You simply put the raw ingredients into a blender and the work is done for you. The fruits then retain their living enzymes and nutrients as they have not been exposed to heat and stewed for hours.

    The food dehydrator will replace an oven in the fruit leather making process. A food dehydrator usually costs about 4 cents an hour to run compared to an oven which costs around 60 cents an hour to run! This adds up when the average time taken to make a fruit leather is 8 hours!

    You can find our favourite

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