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  1. BioChef Commercial Dehydrators

    Discover the Best Range of Commercial Food Dehydrators in New Zealand with Vitality 4 Life

    Are you a business owner in New Zealand seeking commercial food dehydrators that combine quality, innovation, and performance? Look no further than the BioChef range of commercial dehydrators, available exclusively through Vitality 4 Life. In this blog post, we'll explore why the BioChef range is a game-changer for businesses and how Vitality 4 Life's commitment to excellence ensures you get the best in commercial food dehydration.

    The BioChef Difference:

    1. Unparalleled Quality: The BioChef range is synonymous with quality. Crafted with precision and built to last, these dehydrators undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest industry standards. When you invest in BioChef, you're investing in a product designed for durability and efficiency.

    2. Innovative Technology: BioChef dehydrators incorporate cutting-edge technology that enhances the dehydration process. From intelligent temperature controls to even air distribution, these features guarantee consistent results, whether you're drying fruits, vegetables, or meats.

    3. Energy Efficiency: Sustainability is a key concern for modern businesses. BioChef dehydrators are designed with energy efficiency

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  2. food dehydrator

    Which food dehydrator should I buy?

    What are food dehydrators?

    Food dehydrators are a great way to reduce your cost of food, increase your nutritional intake and speed up your cooking.

    In the past our ancestors relied on the sun to dry out food, but these days it is a process where moisture is removed from foods by circulating air at a very low temperature in an oven-like device including two main designs: stacked shelves and pull out shelves.

    In this article we will cover the benefits of using food dehydration plus some great tips on deciding the best machine for your home or business, all backed by Vitality 4 Life’s 30 day return policy, 24/7 customer support and extended warranties.

    What are the main benefits of dehydrating food?

    There are many benefits to dehydrating your food and getting a food hydrator machine. 

    Increases your fibre intake

    Studies have shown that food dehydration helps to increase the fibre intake of fruits and vegetables. Fibre is an essential nutrient for gut health, digestion and overall wellbeing and many people do not get enough daily fibre according to Australian and American departments of health. 

    It is recommended you consume at least 25 - 30 grams of fibre per day. One example of fibre increasing in a fruit dehydrator is apricots. When apricots are dehydrated fresh apricots have 3.1 grams of fibre while dried apricots contain 6.5 grams of fibre.

    Increased energy and absorption

    Food dehydrators can help with concentrating calories in your snacks, providing a longer, sustained energy release for your body.

    This is helpful for people who go outdoors on long walks, hikes or camping for example, where sugars are important for long periods of activity without the access to refrigeration.

    Increased nutritional content

    It has also been shown that food dryer machines i

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  3. BioChef Food Dehydrators - A unique gift for pet lovers

    BioChef Food Dehydrators - A unique gift for pet lovers

    No one else will think of this one, a truly unique gift for pet lovers... make your own healthy dog treats.

    We all know someone who loves their dog more than people. If you want to find a unique  gift for pet lovers that no one else will think of start here with our food dehydrators. Sound boring? It definitely won't be for them when they are making their own healthy dog treats. Or how about buying one for yourself and giving the treats as a gift! Either way they will love it.

    Pet lovers love to know exactly what their doggy treats are made of. With unhealthy treats everywhere at the moment and overseas companies taking over some of our own brands what is in the doggy bag may not be such a treat.christmas, unique gift, pet lovers, pet owners

    Healthy Bite

    There are many news items at the moment suggesting that here are some dangerous dog treats on the market that should be avoided at all costs. Some that can result in serious injury and even death. Beef jerky in particular. If you choose a unique gift for pet lovers from our a food dehydrator range they can make delicious and healthy beef jerky and other treats for their furry best friend at home in their own kitchen.

    Click here from some delicious recipes for people and pups.

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  4. New Year's Resolutions - Just say NO

    New Year's Resolutions - Just say NO

    People have been failing at their New Year's Resolutions for 4000 years. What makes me think I could do any better? It's been three days and I have already failed. At least back then the Babylonians were offering their resolutions up to God in the hope of improving the crop. Now we just offer them up to ourselves or our nearest and dearest who have no choice but to listen and nod along. But what do we get in return?

    new years resolutions, eat healthy, juice everday

    When looking at the top new year's resolutions I mostly notice this.. we have to give up, quit, try harder, be better, look better and on it goes. I think if we were going to do these things we would have already done them. Its just too hard especially with a hangover. I don't know about you but if someone or even myself tells me to do something, I just don't want to do it. It's the latent toddler in all of us. So by the time we get to the second week, or day in my case, of January, we start thinking 'bugger it' and go back to normal wishing we hadn't told anyone. And what we are left with is a little bit of guilt and self loathing. Perfect start to the New Year.

    I like the old saying 'one day at a time' it's perfect for this time of year and any other. Instead of saying I must lose 10 kg this year to feel better about myself. Maybe just one day start the day with a cleansing juice and go for a walk

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  5. Product Comparison: Food Dehydrators

    Product Comparison: Food Dehydrators

    Compare food dehydrators in New Zealand with our handy Food Dehydrator Comparison table. Below we outline the features and benefits of each dehydrator, making it easier for you to make the right choice.

    You can shop and compare our range of BioChef Food Dehydrators here.

    With the ever increasing popularity of dehydrating foods at home, it's not uncommon to be presented with a wide range of options from both leading New Zealand and international brands - whether you're shopping online or browsing the shelves in department stores across New Zealand you're sure to come across a variety of brands and styles.

    We've found customers are less familiar with the newer square/ rectangular design as they are with the circular style dehydrator with stackable trays. Therefore, we believe it's imperative that we outline the difference between the two to better help you decide which food dehydrator is the right one for you.


    Circular style dehydrators have the heater and fan positioned at either the bottom or the top, which causes food closest to the fan to dry at a different rate than food positioned at the opposite end. This drying system can have a number negative effects on the quality of the dried food, including:

    • Food items often need to be alternated from top to bottom throughout the drying process for a consistent finish - in turn, requiring careful attention throughout the entire drying process
    • Having the heater and fan positioned at the top or bottom of the dehydrator doesn't allow for even drying temperature which can cause the
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  6. Why Buy a Food Dehydrator?

    Why Buy a Food Dehydrator?

    Designed for drying a vast array of fruits and vegetables and even activating nuts and seeds; food dehydrators are quickly becoming a household staple across the country as they are simple to use, inexpensive to run and a healthy alternative to store-bought foods.

    Commonly used by campers and hikers because of the safe nature of the preservation method, food dehydrators run at very low temperatures and use both air and heat to remove moisture or water content from foods. And as we all know, water is what makes food spoil or go bad, so by using a food dehydrator to remove this moisture or water content, it means that bacteria and mould cannot grow - therefore allowing for an extended shelf life and a very low risk and healthy snack.

    Still not convinced? Read on to discover the top ten benefits of owning a food dehydrator.

    1. Dehydrated Foods Taste Great

    Using a food dehydrator to remove moisture from food items such as fruits, vegetables and meats, creates naturally concentrated, rich and delicious tasting food.

    Not only that, but when making food yourself, you know the quality and freshness of the produce you are using - unlike when eating dehydrated foods purchased from the grocery store.

    2. Reduce food waste & extend shelf life

    Never waste food again with a food dehydrator. Using your leftover fruits and vegetables in a food dehydrator will extend their shelf life for up to 2 years! Yes, that's right - 2 years!

    Below are just a few ways you can reduce food waste by preserving food with a dehydrator and keeping your pantry stocked year round whilst saving yourself some money in the process;

    • Manage a bigger veggie or herb garden without the worry of food going to waste - simply use the dehydrator to dry your herbs or make veggie chips
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  7. BioChef Food Dehydrators - Preserve Foods Naturally

    BioChef Food Dehydrators - Preserve Foods Naturally

    With the BioChef Dehydrator and you can control the quality of the food you are eating. Take advantage of the supermarket offers: buy in bulk, buy in season and nothing will go to waste. These dehydrators are versatile size, range, temperature and design which means you can virtually dehydrate any produce.

    Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs

    Save money by buying in bulk, buying in season and special offers. Dry your store bought or home grown produce vegetables by preserving them naturally with no added sugars, preservatives or flavours in your Excalibur Dehydrator.

    Children’s Healthy Snacks and Lunch Box Treats

    Store bought fruit leathers and snack bars are often laden with sugar and preservatives. With the dehydrator you know exactly what is going into the mix to make their favourite combination of natural fruit roll-ups or fruit leathers. Add a dash of yoghurt for creamy roll ups. A combination of banana, yoghurt and cinnamon is a great on-the-go breakfast.

    Make your own Meat Jerky

    Jerky lovers can save a lot of money by making your own meat jerky with the Excalibur Food Dehydrator. Some of our favourite combinations are Honey and Soy, Chilli and Garlic and Teriyaki. The dehydrator is suitable for most types of meats - beef, fish, pork, and game.

    Camping, Fishing, Skiing, Snowboarding and Bush-walking Enthusiasts

    Dehydrate cooked soups, stews, curries and casseroles to make instant healthy and nourishing meals for campers, hikers and adventure enthusiasts. Just add hot water and for an instant meal.

    Our range of BioChef Dehydrators:

    [product id="1584"]
    [product id="1627"]
    [product id="1632"]

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  8. The BioChef Food Dehydrator - Create Healthy Snacks At Home!

    The BioChef Food Dehydrator - Create Healthy Snacks At Home!

    The BioChef Dehydrator is a versatile and easy to use kitchen appliance, allowing you to create natural, wholesome and healthy snacks, bread alternatives, meat jerky and much, much more!

    Dried Fruit and Fruit Leathers

    By simply blending your favourite fruit combinations you can create real fruit roll ups or leathers, minus the sugar, sodium and preservatives commonly found in your typical store bought fruit roll ups.

    Healthy Vegetable Chips, Crackers and Snacks

    Make you own healthy natural chips with dried vegetables simply by cutting up the produce and drying for the appropriate time. Time guides are listed in the recipe book. You can dry pretty much anything but a few examples are beetroot, zucchini, sweet potato. A simple sprinkle of sea salt and this makes a wonderful snack. Another favourite recipe is to blend omega-3 rich Flax Seeds with water and seasoning, mould into flat cracker shapes and dehydrate.

    Save Money by Making your own Meat Jerky

    For those who eat meat, dehydrating it yourself will save you a significant amount of money as well as you knowing what ingredients are included. Meat or salmon can be infused with your preferred flavours and then dehydrated.

    Dried Flowers and Craft

    This unit can be used to dehydrating flowers much quicker than air drying and the colour will be brighter and last for longer.

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    [product id="1627"]
    [product id="1630"]

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