For thousands of years, cultures of the world knew the therapeutic value of heating the body for better health, healing and vitality. The Mayans, Native Americans, the Inuit, and Europeans all developed their own versions of saunas and sweat lodges. Two thousand years ago the ancient Greek physician Paemendides said, "Give me a chance to create fever and I will cure any disease."

The technology employed in the Vitality4life Infrared saunas provides a more relaxing and effective cleanse or detoxify treatment than traditional radiant element (rod style) saunas due to the type of heat produced by the clay ceramic infrared heaters.

A quality infrared heater will produce a frequency of heat which penetrates deeper, reaching below the skin, allowing for profuse sweeting over a longer period of time.

Ceramic far infrared heater elements operate at much lower and safer temperatures than the electric radiant type found in conventional sauna systems.

Vitality4life saunas use concave ceramic heaters which emit around 96% of energy as infrared waves. Conventional elements (rod-style) have an efficiency ratio of only 50% at best.

Ceramic heaters are 100% pure solid ceramic engineered to the finest quality and scientifically proven to provide true far infrared energy. They are tuned to emit far infrared energy at approximately the same wavelength the human body produces.* We have documentation to show that they emit 90% of their heat in the far infrared range (30-40% at 9-10 microns, 60-70% at 6-12 microns).

The Vitality4life ceramic far infrared heaters provide constant emission and are controlled by state of the art circuitry board to provide constant, safe and efficient energy rather than oscillate between “on” and “off” as in the conventional thermostat controlled design.

What’s relevant is threefold: (1) the ability of a heater to deliver constant energy at the far-infrared wavelength, (2) the number

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