The BioChef Food Dehydrator - Create Healthy Snacks At Home!

The BioChef Food Dehydrator - Create Healthy Snacks At Home!

The BioChef Dehydrator is a versatile and easy to use kitchen appliance, allowing you to create natural, wholesome and healthy snacks, bread alternatives, meat jerky and much, much more!

Dried Fruit and Fruit Leathers

By simply blending your favourite fruit combinations you can create real fruit roll ups or leathers, minus the sugar, sodium and preservatives commonly found in your typical store bought fruit roll ups.

Healthy Vegetable Chips, Crackers and Snacks

Make you own healthy natural chips with dried vegetables simply by cutting up the produce and drying for the appropriate time. Time guides are listed in the recipe book. You can dry pretty much anything but a few examples are beetroot, zucchini, sweet potato. A simple sprinkle of sea salt and this makes a wonderful snack. Another favourite recipe is to blend omega-3 rich Flax Seeds with water and seasoning, mould into flat cracker shapes and dehydrate.

Save Money by Making your own Meat Jerky

For those who eat meat, dehydrating it yourself will save you a significant amount of money as well as you knowing what ingredients are included. Meat or salmon can be infused with your preferred flavours and then dehydrated.

Dried Flowers and Craft

This unit can be used to dehydrating flowers much quicker than air drying and the colour will be brighter and last for longer.

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