JK 5100 Commercial Composter – Environment, Design, Safety and Quality

JK 5100 Commercial Composter – Environment, Design, Safety and Quality

JK 5100 is an entirely new type of compost machine, with receptacles of recycled plastic and a unique mixing function. JK 5100 makes it easy and convenient for you to compost in your neighbourhood.


All the waste passes through the grinder before it reaches the process chamber, where the waste is treated and aired with a newly developed mixing technique. After approximately a fortnight, the mixing mechanism passes the material into the chamber to finalise the ripening process. The chamber for ripening is also equipped with a separate mixing function. For obtaining the best possible end product with perfect hygiene the composter has two chambers.


An important part of Vitality 4 Life is to develop producs that can be manufactured in a way that recognises the scarcity of our planets resources. In keeping with this vision, the JK 5100 receptacles are made of 100% recycled household plastic containers.


The JK 5100 is designed to meet high demands on availability and hygiene. The machine is easy to maintain. The chute for charging the food waste is placed conveniently for the user. The compost receptacles have inspection covers. The pure design facilitates the comprehension of the different steps of the composting process.

  1. Chute for charging food waste;
  2. Composting;
  3. Ripening;
  4. Emptying.


JK 5100 is a robust genuine construction, made of stainless steel an recycled plastic. All wearing parts are replaceable for optimal working life. The compost machine has a programmable unit, which can easily be adapted to the waste.

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