Compare: Oscar vs BioChef Horizontal Juicers

Compare: Oscar vs BioChef Horizontal Juicers

Compare the leading global brands of horizontal slow juicers: Oscar, Omega and BioChef. Let us help you to compare important details like price, warranty, wattage and more!

Vitality 4 Life have distributed the Oscar Juicers for more than 10 years in the New Zealand. We have always regarded the Oscar Juicers to be the finest in the world, with their high quality parts and superior juice extraction, the Oscar Juicers in our opinion have been previously unrivaled.

BioChef has recently released their latest slow juicer - the BioChef Axis; the very first horizontal style juice extractor from the brand. Fitting with their brand message, the BioChef Axis delivers on value and quality. Significantly cheaper than other horizontal counterparts, the BioChef Axis is also backed by one of the longest warranties of any machine - a testament to the quality of the product.

Let's see how the BioChef Axis compares to Oscar & Omega in terms of features:


Compare: Price & Specs


The most obvious difference between the four models is price. The BioChef Axis is significantly cheaper at just $449, offering great value and more affordability in comparison to the other juicers.

It is important to note, that to pay more for an Omega Juicer is simply to pay extra for a brand, not for any superior technical specifications or differences in quality. The Omega is rated at 150 watts (on manufactures website), does not come with a Pulp Adjustment Nozzle and parts are made from Ultem not Tritan.

Pulp Adjustment Nozzle

The BioChef Axis, Oscar Neo DA 1000 and the Oscar DA 1200 all come with a Pulp Adjustment Nozzle, which allows you to control the pressure under which the produce is juiced. When the nozzle is set at '0', this allows for a freer flow of juice, and a softer extraction, perfect for naturally juicy fruits like watermelon, pineapple or tomato. When the nozzle is set at '5', this ensures the very highest extraction of juice from harder vegetables like carrots and beetroots etc.

This is also a handy feature if you have a taste preference for pulp - '5' would ensure pulp-free juice while '0' would leave it pulpier.

We believe the Pulp Adjustment Nozzle is a paramount to extracting the most juice possible out of fruits and vegetables.


The BioChef Axis and the Oscar DA-1200 parts are made from Tritan, a newer and stronger material. Both the Axis and the DA-1200 are the newest models from the BioChef & Oscar brands, and as such, feature the newest materials. Tritan is completely BPA-free and is the number one choice for kitchen appliance manufacturing today.


The BioChef Axis and the Oscar Neo DA-1000 have the same warranty - 20 years on motor and 10 years on parts/labour. This substantial warranty is your assurance that they are high quality machines and are built to stand the test of time. Buying a horizontal cold press juicer is an investment in your health, and the Oscar Neo 1000 and BioChef Axis will help you juice for many years to come.

Juicing Chute/Style

The Oscar DA-1200 features a wider juicing chute, which can juice large portion of fruits and vegetables at one time, which will decrease juicing/preparation time. If you are looking specifically for a cold press juicer which can juice whole produce and time taken to juice/prepare is a concern for you, a vertical whole slow juicer may be a better choice. Vertical slow juicers will reduce the time by over half, and are specifically designed for this purpose. You can see our range of 'Whole Slow Juicers' here.

Wattage & RPM

The Oscar DA-1000 and the Oscar DA-1200 feature 200 watt motors, while the BioChef Axis and the Omega juicers have a 150watt motor. The motor power and the RPM combined results in the juicing "torque". The motor exerts the power to rotate the auger at a speed to crush and squeeze the fruits and vegetables. It is not only the power of the motor or the RPM alone that tells the story of how effective a juicer extracts. These two features combined are different on all of the machines and for differing reasons (wider chute, different part materials etc.) are all matched precisely to give the best juicing results.

When juicing with each of the machines - the juice quality, foam/froth and pulp dryness are all somewhat the same. There are no significant differences in the quality of the juice.

Horizontal Juicers - Best Choice for Health Enthusiasts

Horizontal slow juicers are best suited to those people who want to juice a very wide range of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. In particular, horizontal juicers are by far the best machines on the market for juicing leafy greens, and can handle even the most fibrous of produce. A vertical slow juicer, while sometimes quicker, will not be able to handle large quantities of leafy green vegetables simply due to gravity. If fibrous vegetables (like greens) all fed into the juicing mechanism too quickly that can cause backup inside the drum, which is sometimes the case with vertical juicers. A horizontal juicer makes light work of greens with their superbly designed horizontal juicing mechanism.

Another great benefit of a horizontal slow juicer is that they often double as a living food processor. This means with the switch from a juicing screen to a blank/processing screen, your juicer can make a wide variety of healthy snacks, dips and treats. A horizontal slow juicer will make nut milks, baby foods, frozen fruit sorbets, dips, pasta, break sticks and more. You can essentially use the juicer for almost all kitchen food processing tasks. In this way, horizontal juicers are more versatile than their vertical counterparts.

Key Differences between BioChef, Omega & Oscar Juicers:

  • The BioChef Axis is significantly cheaper than both the Oscar & Omega Juicers
  • Both the Oscar and BioChef Juicers have a longer warranty than the Omega juicers - 20 years on motor, as opposed to 15years for the Omega. The BioChef & Oscar juicers also have 10 years on Parts rather than just 5years.
  • The BioChef & Oscar Juicers have a Pulp Adjustment Nozzle - meaning more juice and less pulp!


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