Comparison of the Oscar Neo 1000 and the Hurom 700

Comparison of the Oscar Neo 1000 and the Hurom 700

What juicer is right for me? This is one question we are most frequently asked by customers, and for good reason! With such an large range of juicers, both centrifugal and cold press on the market today, the choice can be somewhat daunting! Vitality 4 Life, as experts in the juicer industry, are here to help you make the right purchase for YOU!

Firstly, decide what you are looking for in a juicer – What are you looking to juice? What are the features that appeal most to you? How often are you juicing and for how many people?

If you’re new to the juicing scene, you may only want to juice simply, mostly fruits with some carrot or beetroot. Maybe you’re pressed for time, have a busy family and are looking to give your kids having something healthy and yummy to drink quickly and efficiently?

Or perhaps you’re looking to jump straight into the “juicing lifestyle” and looking for a juicer that can handle anything and everything. You’re not fussed with how long a juice is going to take; you’re more concerned with the quality of the juice and versatility of the juicer.

First things first, there are two types of single gear Cold Press juicers: Vertical and Horizontal. Our ranges of horizontal cold Press juicers mostly from the highly acclaimed Oscar Range, and our range of vertical cold Press juicers are generally from the world-famous brand Hurom.

Let’s compare the latest models of both, the Oscar Neo DA 1000 and the Hurom 700 “The Boss”...

Oscar Neo DA 1000

Key features:

  • User friendly, easy to clean, easy to assemble/disassemble;
  • Complete raw food kitchen – food processor functionality;
  • Pulp adjustment nozzle;
  • BPA Free;
  • Produces a less pulpy juice than other single gear juicers.

The latest model from the Oscar range is the Oscar Neo 1000. This juicer is a complete raw food kitchen; with the additional processing function, this versatile machine come complete with a variety of parts to transform your Juicer into an all-in-one Food Processor. This enables you to create things like fresh Sorbet, Bliss Balls, Nut-butters, Pasta, Hummus and much more!

The Oscar Neo also comes with a new and exciting feature, the Pulp Adjustment Nozzle. This enables you to control the pressure under which the fruits and vegetables are juiced, resulting in a greater quantity of cold press juice with less pulp and froth. The auger, juicing and processing strainer are made from BPA Free Ultem material, a FDA Registered Food Grade Polycarbonate.

The Oscar Neo 1000 is suitable for making leafy green juice like wheat-grass, kale, spinach and celery; while still being able to juice harder produce like beetroot and carrot. The Oscar Neo 1000 can juice soft fruit like apples, citrus, kiwi fruit and cucumber when used in a mixed juice by alternating between hard and soft produce.

Hurom 700 “The Boss” - HU700

Key features:

  • Fast and user friendly;
  • Uses less bench-top space - Small footprint;
  • BPA Free;
  • Patented Juice Outlet Cap;
  • Large capacity juicer.

The latest model for the Hurom range is the Hurom 700 also known as “The Boss”, this juicer is able to juice faster than a horizontal juicer, as the time taken to create fresh juice is more comparable with that of a centrifugal juicer. Being a Vertical style juicer, gravity is on your side, so there is no need to use the tamper! The Hurom 700 is a self-feeding juicer, pulling the produce down into the auger and gently squeezing out all the goodness without you having to do anything!

The Hurom 700 has the much-loved Juice Outlet Cap, which allows you to juice inside the bowl, without having to use a separate juice container. The whole bowl assembly simply lifts off the motor so you can store the fresh juice in your fridge without any extra washing up.

The Hurom 700 is suitable for soft fruit juices, like citrus, kiwi, cucumber and apple juice without the need for alternating between hard and soft produce. The Hurom 700 is also able to create fresh Milk Alternatives like Almond, Soy, Rice and Oat milk without the need to squeeze the processed nuts through a nut-milk bag.

Both the Hurom 700 and The Oscar Neo are Cold Press Juicers!

Our entire range of single gear Vertical and Horizontal juicers are able to create living juice which stays fresh for up to 48 hours, by utilising a mortar and pestle squeezing action to release deep seated nutrients and enzymes found in fruit and vegetables.

From the feedback we have received from our customers, and from our own experience we have found that you get more pulp with your juice when using a Vertical Cold Press Juicer (like the Hurom 700). This is due to the speed of the extraction method used in the Vertical machines. We have a lot of customers who really enjoy pulpy juice, and Hurom has answered that demand with their range of Vertical Cold Press Juicers.

Pulp contains Flavonoids, which are renowned for their antioxidant activity. Preliminary research indicates that foods high in flavonoids may neutralize the oxidative and inflammatory stress generated by unhealthy food and help to prevent blood vessel damage. Sources of flavonoids include parsley, blueberries, citrus, bananas and dark chocolate.

The Differences at a Glance:

Design Horizontal, single gear cold press juicer; Vertical, single gear cold press juicer;
Bench Footprint L 27cm x W 17.5cm L 22cm x W 15cm
Product Weight 6.36kg 6.1kg
RPM 63-75RPM 70-80RPM
Pulp Control
Juice Outlet Cap
Food Processing Function
Yield of Juice Outstanding Outstanding
Materials BPA FREE Ultem Tough Polycarbonate BPA FREE Ultem Tough Polycarbonate
Colours Black/Chrome/White/Burgundy Burgundy/Silver
Warranty 10 Year Part / 20 Year Motor 5 Year Part / LIFETIME Motor
Will it juice soft fruits and vegetables? Good when juiced with hard vegetables
Not ideal as a specifically ‘Soft Fruit Juicer’
Will it juice hard fruits and vegetables
Will it juice wheat-grass and leafy greens? Good when juiced with hard vegetables
Not ideal as a specifically 'Green Juicer'
Will it make baby food?
Will it make Soy and Nut-Milks?
Will it make frozen fruit Sorbet?
Will it make pasta?
Will it make Nut-Butters?

The Oscar Neo is Perfect For Those Who…

  • Want to juice anything and everything;
  • Are looking to juice green, fibrous vegetables such as spinach, kale and celery. Or those looking for a wheat-grass juicer;
  • Prefer a pulp-free juice;
  • Like the idea of being able to use the juicer as a food processor or all-in-one kitchen machine;
  • Want a juicer that is very easy to clean.

The Hurom 700 is Perfect For Those Who…

  • Want to juice quickly;
  • Prefer simple juices, especially with fruit i.e. orange, apple, carrot, beetroot juice;
  • Like the idea of being able to make nut/soy milks quickly and easily;
  • Are in a commercial environment, or even busy home kitchen.

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In the end choosing a juicer is really all about personal choice and juicing habits. Think about what flavours and combinations you and your family enjoy and find a juicer that is able to juice those things well.

If you’re still not sure, or if you have any questions about our juicers we are happy to help! Don’t hesitate to give us a call, email us or use our online-chat facilities.