Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator - Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator - Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator be used with tap water (containing minerals and fluoride) or does it require distilled water?

It is better to use tap water or filtered water that retains trace minerals. Tap water was used for the clinical studies that were undertaken with the Hydrofloss Kitty Water Jet Oral Irrigator. The reason for this is the hydromagnetic technology. The Hydrofloss places an electrical charge on the minerals and reverses their polarity as well as reversing the polarity of the bacteria in the mouth. Teeth have a positive charge on the surface, while bacteria and minerals are negatively charged, so they are attracted to one another. When using the Hydrofloss the polarity is reversed inhibiting the bacteria's ability to adhere to the teeth.

Is it safe to use the Hydofloss if you’ve had dental surgery or seriously inflamed gums?

The Hydrofloss Kitty Waterjet can be used by those with crown and bridge work, implants, veneers, orthodontic appliances, bad breath (halitosis), inflamed and bleeding gums and periodontal pockets. The Hydrofloss has an adjustable pressure for comfort preference with a maximum pressure at 60 psi, which has been tested to be safe on the gingival tissue. For anyone with any form of gum disease, it’s highly recommended to add the Perioscript Solution by BioPro to the HydroFloss Kitty Waterjet before each use.

What's the difference between the HydroFloss and other water irrigation devices?

The Hydro Floss is unique in that it is a magnetic oral irrigator, producing polarized water molecules which prevent plaque and calculus from attaching to the tooth surface.

According to a study published on the Journal of Clinical Periodontology (May 1993; 20: 314-317), the HydroFloss provides a 44% greater reduction in tartar (calculus) and bacterial debris. The Hydrofloss Kitty waterjet is not simply based upon removing plaque and debris using a high pressure stream of water like the leading oral irrigator. The Hydrofloss uses patented magnetic technology called hydro magnetics to "pull" plaque, tartar, and bacterial debris off the enamel and out from below the gum line; similar to putting a protective coating on the tooth surface both above and below the gum line which inhibits bacteria from adhering to the tooth surface. No other oral irrigator does this.

The Periodontal Solution

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