Vacuum Blender - Life is better when it sucks

Vacuum Blender - Life is better when it sucks

Vacuum Blender - Sucking the life back into your blended foods

It sucks when you spend time creating the perfect smoothie... thick, colourful, tasty and full of nutrients and by the time kids are called they are faced with an unappetising, watery drink, with brown froth on top? Solve the problem with our BioChef Astro Vacuum Blender.

Oxygen IS life however oxidation of your blended foods does tend to take, not only the fun, but the life, nutrients, flavour and taste out. Bio Chef Astro Vacuum Blenders help suck the life back in to your blended foods and keep it there until YOU are ready to use it.

vaccuum blender-food-wrapped-astraWhat is Vacuum Technology?

Vacuum technology in the blending industry is still fairly new. For supermarkets and other food retailers it has been an essential part of food storage since the 1940’s. Vacuum sealed packaging and canning processes helped keep our food fresher for longer and now you can use that technology to prolong the shelf life of your soups, sauces, smoothies, nut butters and other blended foods. Your BioChef  Vacuum Blenders with their built-in vacuum with air pressure sensors, will suck the oxygen out before it starts to blend leaving you with all the nutrients, colour, consistency and flavour. Pour into the provided vacuum storage container and store for longer.

What are the health benefits of vacuum technology using the BioChef Astro Vacuum Blender?vacuum blender-vitamins-astro-healthy-shelf-life-smoothie-best

High speed blending of food in the presence of air causes oxidation whereby the ingredients tend to lose nutrients. Removing this process will provide benefits associated with blending in an 'oxygen poor' environment.

First, the ingredients don’t break down as quickly. This means you can store your morning smoothies, for example, and drink them later in the afternoon, safe in the knowledge that all the nutrients and vitamins that were there initially will still be in your drink when you’re ready to enjoy it.

When oxygen enters into the blending process Vitamin C and D and fat-soluble vitamins A and E are particularly prone to rapid loss due to oxidation turning foods such as nut butters rancid and smoothies inconsistent and less tasty. To remedy these problems the BioChef Astro Vacuum Blender removes most of the oxygen leaving the vital nutrients, colour, consistency and flavour in, therefore preserving the shelf life of your food.

Looks better tastes better

Using a vacuum blender also means a finer and smoother texture for your smoothie. Air bubbles can create a layered drink that’s thin and tasteless. By ensuring that the smoothie is more consistent, each and every sip is packed full of nutrients and fresh taste. Healthy AND delicious and full of vitality. Remember vitality IS life.

As a bonus, if stored in a vacuum sealed container, vacuum-blended smoothies will also retain their original coloration and consistency until you’re ready to drink them. No more brownish, icky, lifeless drinks for you.

Your drinks stay vital, taste better and last longer.

Life better when it sucks?

There is a lot of conversation among experts debating whether or not blending decreases the level of nutrients in a smoothie due to oxidation. However, it is generally agreed that it is OK as long you drink it quickly enough.  Oxidation occurs when any food is juiced, cut, chopped, shredded, peeled, chewed, dehydrated and then exposed to air. This is because the cell walls are broken and the cell contents are exposed to the oxygen.

So reducing the amount of oxidation by sucking the air out before blending could be the answer to keeping the nutrients in your food longer. Vacuum blenders could be just the solution we need.

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