Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

The other day I was digging my way through the built up washing to find my teenage son's favourite t-shirt. Triumphantly I held it up and he told me I was ‘sick’. I wasn’t sure how to take it but apparently it’s a compliment. He rushed off happily and I returned to the leaning tower of washing. As I stared at it I got to thinking. I realised I was sick. I was tired. I was sick and tired. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I googled it.

Apparently, an amazing woman named Fannie Lou Hamer, a black human rights activist, originally coined the phrase, “I am sick and tired, of being sick and tired”.

She was changing the world and had many more reasons that most of us to feel this way. Still, even if we only consider our problems 'first world', it is the way a lot of us feel.

sick and tired of being sick and tired

A lot of people out there are constantly feeling sick and tired and I wondered why. The dictionary definition of the saying is that we are bored, fed-up, jaded, sick, tired, wearied and weary. I know life is tough sometimes but why is this feeling so common? Could it have something to do with working too hard or maybe playing too hard? Are we giving too much of ourselves to others, our kids, friends, relationships? Are we putting everything out there without putting anything back in?

Believe it or not, to live in this fast paced life we actually need to take care of ourselves. Crazy I know. The answer can be fairly simple if we let it. The best way is simply to eat well, drink lots of water, try to think positive thoughts, be active and importantly sometimes spoil ourselves in whatever way floats our boat.

How to beat feeling sick and tired?

Drink Water - seems obvious but a lot of us don’t drink enough. Water helps keep our bodily functions in tip top shape by transporting important nutrients, detoxifying along the way and preventing water retention that keeps us feeling sluggish.

Eat breakfast - Yes Mum - If you miss breakfast you will feel more stressed. Increase your metabolism and your mood by not ditching this important meal of the day.

colourful food, sick and tired, vitality

Mix things up - with a varied diet including lots of colourful food. The more vibrant colour the more antioxidants. However, all fruit and veges play a part in keeping us healthy and protecting us from disease. More fruit and veg equals more vitality.

People argue over whether raw is better than cooked but they both have pros and cons. Half and half sounds like a good idea.

Eat regularly - Yes, if you eat more often you will feel better and have more energy. Having a healthy snack at hand throughout the day including energy enhancing foods such as dried fruit, nuts, avocado, pumpkin seeds and yoghurt to name a few.

Be active - at least 30 minutes a day. There are huge health benefits to keeping active. You will have more energy, keep trim and be more creative.

All of these things are great but we never seem to have the time. Especially to do them for ourselves. This leaves us feeling generally sick and tired and being sick and tired of it. At Vitality4Life we make it our business to provide the tools for a healthy living home including juicers, blenders, food dehydrators, treadmills, pilates machines, oil presses and even a home sauna to spoil yourself with. 

All of the products we provide are designed to make it easier for you to eat well and be active helping you on your journey back to vitality and living your best life.