The BioChef Blender - All-in-one Kitchen Appliance!

The BioChef Blender - All-in-one Kitchen Appliance!

The BioChef High Performance Blender is a 3Hp commercial-grade total Kitchen Appliance! Not only can you whip up smoothies, whole fruit juices and cocktails but the BioChef Blender will also allow you to make HOT soup, FROZEN ice creams and desserts, baby food, mill grains, knead dough, process, chop, mince and puree!

The BioChef Blender is called a total kitchen machine for a reason - it can help you create breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, dessert, and help with general food preparation! The benefit of owning a BioChef Blender is being able to endlessly create and experiment with different tasty but healthy food options for you and your family.

With the BioChef Blender there is no need to add extra sugar, salt, fat or preservatives - just natural wholesome food! Be in control of what you are fuelling your body, with the BioChef!

Blending - At it's best!

Whether you are creating creamy smoothies, making healthy milk alternatives, making nut butters, emulsifying, mixing or pureeing, the BioChef Blender promises great results every time! With built in speed controls and variables you can sit back and let the Bio Chef create!

Smoothies and Whole Fruit Juices

Squeeze in your recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables with a smoothie! Also make whole food juices in the BioChef Blender. Benefit from all the flavour, nutrition and fibre in a naturally sweet and smooth whole fruit juice!

Steaming Hot Soup in Minutes!

The super powered motor and high speed blades will bring fresh ingredients to boiling point through friction heat that transforms fresh vegetables into a steaming hot soup, liquidising to a smooth consistency in as little as 4 minutes.

Ice Cream and Frozen Fruit Desserts

The BioChef Blender's blade action crushes and cuts up frozen fruit to create a larger frozen surface that refreezes itself into a smooth and scrumptious soft-serve frozen treat.

You can now indulge your sweet tooth with HEALTHY ice-creams and sorbets! Perfect for an after-dinner treat for the whole family to enjoy - guilt free!

Food Processor and Chopper

You can vary the speed by either utilising the pulse function or the speed controls, this turns the BioChef Blender into a chopper or food processor. Dry chop carrots, olives, onions, eggs and cheese. To wet chop simply use water to draw the food into the blades and chop a whole head of cabbage for coleslaw in seconds!

Puree Healthy Baby Foods

It has never been easier to whip up healthy, nutritious and preservative-free baby foods! Supermarket bought baby foods are lower in fibre and processed in a way that compromises the essential nutrients and enzymes in the fruits and vegetables. Simply blend the desired ingredients for smooth, palatable baby foods in seconds.

Mill Grains and Knead Dough

In a matter of moments, you can mill grains and seeds in the BioChef Blender. Make your own home-made dough in the BioChef Blender, custom make your bread with your favourite flavours and utilise the high-powered blades ability to mix and knead.

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