The Champion 2000+ Masticating Juicer -The Champion of Versatility

The Champion 2000+ Masticating Juicer -The Champion of Versatility

This much-loved Masticating Juicer is world-renowned for its unbelievable reliability and versatility. The Champion is not only a juicer, it also doubles as a food processor with the ability to create ice creams, frozen fruit desserts (sorbet), sorbets and even baby foods!

With two optional attachments also available, The Greens Attachment and The Grain Mill Attachment, the Champion is truly an all-in-one Kitchen Machine!

Ice creams, Sorbets and Frozen Fruit Desserts

The Champion Juicer is world renowned for making creamier ice-cream, baby foods, nut butter and fruit smoothies. With simply a change from the Juicing Screen to the Blank Screen, the Champion very effectively re-invents itself as an Ice Cream Maker.

It’s ability to create creamy and delicious ice creams and frozen fruit treats is unsurpassed by any other Juicer. Make all natural ice cream and sorbet with no added sugars or flavours for a guilt free treat!

According to Vitality4Life customers the Champion Juicer 2000 was voted the best and creamiest ice cream maker of them all!

A Powerful Masticating Juicer

The Champion will efficiently juice soft and hard fruits and vegetables, and an optional ‘Greens’ attachment is also available for juicing green and fibrous vegetables like spinach, kale and celery.

Make Purees & Baby Foods

As a Masticating Juicer the Champion has the ability to create purees, natural baby and palliative care foods in a matter of moments. Use fresh fruits and vegetables to create delicious and healthy meals to suit taste preferences.

Real Nut Butters

Avoid store-bought nut butters, which contain high levels of sugar and preservatives by making your own! They are much lower in sodiums and saturated fats. Experiment with flavours such as almond, cashew and macadamia.

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