The Oscar Neo Juicer Review New Zealand

The Oscar Neo Juicer Review New Zealand

In this Oscar Neo Juicer Review we will outline the key features and benefits of the Oscar Neo Juicer which have made it our best-selling model in New Zealand to date! The key factors to consider when purchasing a juicer are usability, amount of juice extracted and the quality of said juice; in this Oscar Neo Juicer Review we will explain why the Oscar Neo Juicer is setting standards for these factors globally.

The Oscar Neo was released into the market in 2012 at a time when the concept of cold press juicing was starting to become mainstream. The Oscar Neo Juicer pioneered a new era in cold press juicing; no longer a niche product, the benefits of a cold press juicer were being recognized by the general consumer. Now, the Oscar Neo is distributed both within New Zealand and internationally in most major department and health food stores. The Oscar Neo has since become a much-loved kitchen appliance in homes all around the world.

But what makes the Oscar Neo so special? The Oscar Neo Juicer was primarily designed to be easy to use, easy to clean and most importantly produce a juice which was both pulp free, with the vital nutrients were intact. The Oscar Neo Juicer excels in each of those things, and is also extremely versatile and looks great, with a colour available to suit any kitchen!

The Oscar Neo Juicer is the upgraded model of the Oscar VitalMax Juicer which was released in 2007. The Oscar Neo has the same tried and tested motor and gearbox as its predecessor, the Oscar VitalMax. However, the Oscar Neo parts are now made from Ultem, a super tough polycarbonate which will not only last longer, alongside the new Pulp Ejection Nozzle they will significantly reduce the amount of pulp in your juice.


The Oscar Neo is a Wheat-grass and Leafy Green Juicer!

Want to drink MORE Green Juice? The Oscar Neo will Handle wheat-grass, kale, spinach, celery, aloe leaves and pine needles with minimal to no froth or foam.

Mincer and Organic Baby Food Maker

Create delicious and nutritious organic baby food in no time, without preservatives or added colours and flavours.You can even process and puree ginger, radish, garlic plus fruits and vegetables, allowing you to whip up dips, spreads and tapenades within minutes.

Ice Cream, Frozen Dessert and Sorbet Maker

Satisfy your sweet tooth with 100% Healthy natural treats. You choose your favourite flavours and tailor-make desserts to your specific dietary requirements - dairy free, sugar free, gluten free.

Oscar Neo is a Pasta Maker

With easy-to-use nozzles, the Oscar Neo can make pasta, fresh noodles and bread sticks with very little effort and impressive results.
The Oscar Neo DA 1000 is a complete living food Kitchen Appliance!

These parts work together to ensure that the maximum amount of nutrients are kept in tact. The gentle crushing and squeezing action performed by the auger and juicing strainer works in a similar way to a mortar and pestle, separating the juice from the fibre of the vegetable and then is strained through the juicing strainer under the pressure determined by the pulp adjustment nozzle. The result? A virtually pulp-free nutritious juice!

This simple yet effective way of juicing also means that the Oscar Neo Juicer is very easy to use and clean. The Oscar Neo is comprised of six parts and the motor. These six parts easily lock into one another and then together as a front end lock into the motor section. These parts only require rinsing under water and a light scrub with the cleaning brush provided. You can see how simple the process is here:

Oscar Neo Living Food Juicer - WATCH VIDEO

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