The Hurom 500 Slow Juicer - The Entertainer

The Hurom 500 Slow Juicer - The Entertainer

If you are looking for a fast cold press juicer that is designed to maintain living enzymes and nutrients from fruits and vegetables to produce a high-quality living juice, then look no further! The Hurom 500 is not just a juicer, this machine is also able to process nut and seed milk and make soups! This latest model from the esteemed Hurom range may be the one for you.

The gentle extraction method is done in two stages within the drum and the pulp is expelled into a four cup collection container. Apart from keeping the pulp away from the pure juice, the as you juice removal of pulp from the machine means that its only the removable drum which needs cleaning.

These juicers are the first slow spinning juicers to stand upright and juice vertically.

While the Hurom is the fastest Cold-Press Juicer available on the market, it still maintains a low juicing speed at only 70RPM.

As a vertical juicer, the Hurom utilises gravity to pull the fruits and vegetable down into the central Auger much faster than a normal Cold Press Juicer. The motor does not expel heat or air, both of which cause essential nutrients and enzymes to be lost when oxidisation occurs.

The Slow Squeezing System of the Hurom 500 will produce MORE juice than an average juicer - up to two times the amount! The juice will also not separate as it does with a centrifugal juicer - a clear indication of the high quality of juice that the Hurom produces.

Your juice with the Hurom 500 is thinner and we guarantee MORE Juice and LESS Pulp!

Our latest model Hurom now features a Juice Outlet Cap. Juice is now retained inside the main drum of the juicer, and when desired can be dispensed easily straight into your glass! With an easy to read measuring gauge on the drum itself, you can now ensure you are consuming your recommended dose of fruits and vegetables every day!

You can now detach the main drum or juicing bowl from the motor section easily and use as a portable juice dispenser. Your juice is also now pre-mixed inside the drum, so simply pour and enjoy!

Cold Press Juicing has never been easier than with Hurom "The Entertainer"

Cleaning in under 1 minute - It is THAT easy!

You asked - We listened!

Simply separate the main drum from the motor section, and detach the moving parts from one another under running water. Most of these parts simply require a quick rinse under water. Use the included cleaning brush to help remove any stray fibres from the Juicing Strainer or Sieve.

A Cleaner Juice

In this latest model, the driving wheel sits at the back of the drum which means the pulp is processed away from the extracted juice, minimising the chance of pulp flowing into your juice.

This quiet cold pressing juicer turning at 70RPM extracts a juice from fruits and vegetables which preserves the natural integrity of the produce and can therefore be consumed up to 48 hours after extraction.

No more bulky, cumbersome shaped parts clogging up the kitchen sink to deter you from making a juice!
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