The Sun Garden - Grow Vegetables, Herbs and Wheat-grass

The Sun Garden - Grow Vegetables, Herbs and Wheat-grass

Have you ever thought about growing your own organic, pesticide-free vegetables, fruits and herbs, but don’t have the space or time? The Sun Garden is a innovative way to grow fresh produce throughout every season whether you live out in the countryside or in the heart of a busy city.

When you grow your own herbs and vegetables, you don't have to worry about any contamination that may occur at the farm, manufacturing plant, or transportation process. Grow anything from tomatoes, radishes even to bok choy. Also, grow your own supply of herbs all-year around; the Sun Garden has the ability to grow basil, parsley, mint, wheat-grass and rocket.

The Sun Garden is Cost Effective

The Sun Garden can reduce food costs by allowing households to grow vegetables in an economical and environmentally friendly way. The LED lights used in the Sun Garden reduce electrical bills by 83% compared to florescent lamps.

Germinate in the Sun Garden

By “starting off” your plants in the Sun Garden you are able to give them the best chance at a successful growth in an outdoor garden. You can easily move your sprouted plants into your outdoor garden when they have successfully reached the Vegetative Growth Stage. This will give your seeds the safe "kick-start" they need to flourish in an outdoor environment.

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